ExpressVPN Trusted VPN Vs. Fake VPNs

VPN services have become very popular. So it is not surprising that hackers and online criminals have begun to use them as fronts to lure people to malware sites. Just last week, one such website was discovered by Malwarebytes. This website claims to offer the service called AquaVPN. But the truth is that when people visit the website, they get infected with malware.

The Problem with Malware

Users want to research on VPN services so they can compare features and pricing. Most often they are looking for free services. These are dangerous because they are so attractive and have the highest chance of being fake. Fake VPN services are used to attract users to malware sites. When users get infected with malware, they are exposed to dangerous programs that steal credit card numbers and bank account passwords. The AquaVPN website prompts users to run Java to connect to the service, but they are actually downloading a keylogger and a Iink to the criminal’s server. So what is really happening is users will be allowing the criminals behind AquaVPN to get their credentials and store them for later use. Before they know it, their credit cards are maxed out and their bank accounts are wiped clean. And they won’t have any idea what hit them.

Use Trusted VPNs like ExpressVPN

A VPN service is the perfect cover for online crime. It’s like using a police station as cover. Everyone will go there for protection against criminals. No one will suspect they are the criminals. So people flock to them for help and get stolen from instead. With this news about AquaVPN, you can be sure there are others. It is vital that you chose only a verified VPN service like ExpressVPN. Be wary of free VPN offers, even if you see reviews about them and the website looks professional. Appearances are deceiving. Instead, please use our comparison tool to help you shop around for reliable VPN provider like ExpressVPN who will truly protect you.

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