ExpressVPN Speed Test for Windows and Mac OS

ExpressVPN has just introduced an in-app speed test for all ExpressVPN subscribers on Windows and Mac OS computers. This cool speed test from our favorite top VPN provider allows users to check their connections to all the ExpressVPN servers. This allows them to see which server gives them the best speeds at the moment that they want to make a connection.

Using the ExpressVPN Speed Test

For users who have not upgraded their ExpressVPN app, they will need to do this to see the new speed test feature. Users will be prompted via the app to get the update and simply need to click on the link, save the file and run it. All this takes about a minute. Then users will see the link to the speed test on the home screen of the app. It is located on the left side, just above the list of recent server connections. Just click that link and run the speed tests to get all the data on latency and download speed that you need to choose the best and fastest connection available on the spot.

The speed tests can take some time depending on the user’s Internet connection. It is best of course to let them finish, but it is not necessary if you are short on time. If you see a good connection but the speed tests are not done yet, just cancel and you can connect to the server you have chosen. The ExpressVPN is very simple, taking only latency and download speed to create the speed index. Latency is important to know because this is the measure of how long data takes to travel from you to the server. The lowest latency is of course the best. Download speed measures how much data you are getting, so the higher the better. Combining these two, you can choose the server with the highest Speed Index as the best server to use.
Windows OS

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