ExpressVPN Reports Sabai Routers Safe from Heartbleed

Many people using DDWRT routers with VPN client software were alarmed by the announcement of the Heartbleed bug. It was reported that Heartbleed may have affected both VPN connections and routers. The top VPN providers like ExpressVPN quickly checked all their systems to ensure that users were safe while connected to their VPNs. Now we have an announcement from Sabai Technology that their operating system is safe as well.

Sabai is Safe from Heartbleed

Sabai Technology provides a very popular alternative used for VPN connections. This system allows VPN connections to be established over wireless connection. This is how devices that cannot connect to VPn clients get VPN protection. Traditional types of router firmware cannot do this. The Sabai wireless element means that users can tunnel traffic from devices like Roku and Xbox through their VPNs so they can use anonymous IPs and take advantage of VPN encryption.

Using DDWRT routers flashed with ExpressVPN is now safe because both ends have been thoroughly checked and guaranteed secure. If you are using a Sabai router that connects via HTTPS, however, you will need to check with Sabai regarding any security issues that might still apply. This relates to both remote conections and connections established via unsecured wireless networks.

Sabai has an update that can give wireless connections better security. Users who are not sure about whether they are using HTTPS or not can check this by logging in to their Sabai access panels. Sabai is also going to be releasing an update for their firmware that all clients can get. They can expect this to be available in a few weeks. This firmware update will also provide better security for OpenVPN, enhanced port forwarding, support for new models, and all-around improved service quality.


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