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Security experts were asked about the best online security tips. But there are just so many. So they kindly narrowed it down so the top tips could be shared with Internet users. The tips need to be easily applied by Internet users so they won’t be overwhelmed and remain unprotected.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN would not have been high on the list until online spying got blown wide open. There are also a lot of new hacker tricks and sneaky data mining techniques to watch out for. So Internet users are strongly urged to use a recommended VPN service to protect their identities and activities online.

Browsers are often manipulated by thieves and data brokers. It is vitally important to secure this main tool by which Internet users access the Web. Most browsers do not offer privacy protection by default. Instead, the browser makers actually track user history by default because this is how they make money to support the browsers. To prevent tracking and monitoring via browsers, Internet users need to manually locate the privacy settings and browse through the options carefully to make sure that they are blocking everything that can be used to take data.

Browsers should then be monitored and protected by anti-spying plugins and add-ons. There’s Ghostery which blocks ads and website functions that automatically track users. There’s also a new one by the Electronic Frontier Foundation called Privacy Badger. This one is not fully developed yet, but it is an automatic blocker that does not require users to do any configurations. Using special browsing modes like Incognito on Google Chrome also helps a lot.

After browsing the most important thing to do is to log out of any accounts that were accessed. Logging out and waiting for the process to complete before closing the window is vital. Not logging out can allow hackers to access the online accounts. So Internet users must not be impatient and must not rely on cleaner tools to cover up their tracks. Just logging out can make a big difference.


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