ExpressVPN on Private Data Snoops

The White House just published a review on Big Data. It highlights the fact that private spy agencies are snooping on Internet users just as much as the NSA is. NSA spying may be undergoing some changes. But private spy agencies are free to go on snooping on everyone. Data is very valuable, and different groups are hiring these private agencies on a regular basis to get that data.

Big Data and Private Spy Agencies

The president keeps saying that government spying is not nearly as dangerous as private agency spying. This includes the data gathering that online services do. The Big Data report is the government’s attempt to figure out what the effects of these surveillance activities are. The review has succeeded in revealing the threats that are posed by online surveillance. And they have highlighted six points that they believe will help protect people from those threats.

Internet users need protection from almost every website they visit. Even the small players want user data to help them advertise for better sales. New rules on what companies should do to protect users is very good. But it does not ensure that users won’t get spied on. It may give users an avenue to fight data collection legally. But the best protection is still to be able to keep that data away from them in the first place by using security VPNs like ExpressVPN. Any data that does have to go to these companies can then be protected by those laws.

Online accounts have profiles that can contain a lot of details about users. In case of data breaches, this information falls into the hands of online criminals. With the company, it is used to create advertisements and even to discriminate against user types. Charging different prices or fees for people in different areas is part of this discrimination. The new Big Data policies can help stop this.


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