ExpressVPN on Mobile Against Cybercriminals

We by now know all about using leading VPNs like ExpressVPN to secure mobile devices. But your device also has settings that can protect you from snoops and criminals.

ExpressVPN for Mobile Protection

You need to use ExpressVPN to secure your online activities. Hiding your IP address to prevent others from identifying you is not a huge consideration for mobile devices. This is because smartphones are usually connected to other networks like public Wi-Fi. But your smartphone, like any computer, has a unique ID. It helps when you use it as an authentication method when accessing website accounts. But this can also be used to trace you and your online activities much like an IP address.

Checking your metadata settings is the first step to ensuring that you are not exposing yourself online. Metadata can give away your smartphones Mac address and other personally identifiable information. ExpressVPN then guards the data you send so that it cannot be read or intercepted. Public Wi-Fi of course has its own dangers, and ExpressVPN also helps to protect you from them.

Text messaging is also used as an authentication method. This is useful and makes you feel safer knowing that no one can easily hack into your account without your SMS code. But there are numerous apps that have permission to access SMS settings. Be sure that you always use ExpressVPN when downloading apps, and only get them from trusted sources like Google Play or the Apple Store. Then check the app permissions before you run them. Most apps do not need to access SMS, and if you find it strange that your app is requesting this permission, it is safer not to use it at all.

Using secure passwords, never clicking on email links from unknown senders, not saving browsing history, and all the other safe surfing practices also apply to secure mobile use. Install a good mobile antivirus and a security scanner that monitor your apps and what type of data your smartphone is uploading to the Internet. And keep these and your operating system up to date. Finally, never forget to run ExpressVPN before you connect to the Internet, even on secure home or office networks.

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