ExpressVPN Helps Preserve Net Neutrality

Net neutrality means that all traffic that oases over the internet should be treated equally. This means that Internet service providers must not throttle or block any kind of traffic. They should also not allow it to be slowed down by not opening enough ports for it to flow properly. It also implies that Internet service providers should not ask services for more money depending on the amount of traffic they need to pass over to the broadband providers. But this rule is not being followed, and Internet users must use streming VPNs like ExpressVPN to get the speeds they pay for.

Net Neutrality Debate

Internet service providers, network operators and streaming services have been arguing over net neutrality for years. The first blow up over traffic discrimination happened in 2010. Since then, these companies have been battling over paying or not paying for adequate peering connections. Internet service providers want more money from companies that pass on traffic. But some companies don’t think they should have to pay anything. Meanwhile, the companies who do pay get preferential treatment

The FCC has been trying to solve the net neutrality versus prioritized traffic problem. But his hasn’t been easy because their proposal favors the Internet service providers who are asking for more money. This proposal has also come under a lot of fire from Internet companies and users because it will destroy net neutrality. Many also complain because the payment that companies give to Internet service providers will be transferred over to users in the form of increased monthly service fees.


ExpressVPN Preserves Net Neutrality

The net neutrality issue has to be resolved. Internet users pay their Internet service providers and they pay their streaming services, too. But as companies and the FCC thrash it out, users have not been able to watch the shows and movies or listen to the music that they have been paying for. With ExpressVPN, however, they don’t have to suffer from throttled streaming. And to make up for having to pay for a VPN, users get added benefits. ExpressVPN will open up a lot of previously inaccessible content. Users can get to any content they want on the Internet. ExpressVPN will also provide users will superior online security to protect them from hackers and thieves. Until the FCC works out how to truly give us back the net neutrality that we deserve, ExpressVPN is here to preserve it for us.

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