ExpressVPN Has a Server on the Moon

top security VPN ExpressVPN has just announced the launch of their new server. Users are always asking for security improvements, and this new offworld server is the solution. That’s right, the new ExpressVPN server is not on Earth, but on the Moon.

Superior Anonymity

With the new ExpressVPN lunar server, you cannot be tracked by anyone on this planet. No country can ever get your data from this server because no country has jurisdiction on the Moon. And ExpressVPN will never record your data, so there is simply no way it can be shared with anyone else. This is the ultimate server for anonymity so you can achieve superior online privacy and security.

Superior Speeds

You may think that you can’t get a good connection because the Moon is so far away. But new technology has allowed ExpressVPN to leverage gravitational forces. This allows ExpressVPN to offer exceptionally fast speeds. You may experience some fluctuations depending on the phases of the moon.

Try the new ExpressVPN lunar server today! Existing ExpressVPN users just need to look for “The Moon”on their server lists. The server is available to both desktop and smartphone users.


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