ExpressVPN for Android Security

The popularity of Android phones is still on the rise. There is a growing demand for devices on this flexible operating system. But while the open source nature of this platform accounts for much of the demand, it is also the reason for many of the security issues that Android users face. This is why the ExpressVPN Android VPN app is essential for all Android users. ExpressVPN gives Android users online protection. And it has many other advantages as well.

Android VPN Security

Android apps are notoriously associated with malware and viruses. Because Android is open source, anyone can create an Android app. This puts users in danger when they are not careful about what apps they download and install. Choosing reliable app sources is the best security measure. But having an Android VPN is an essential backup measure. The Android VPN will not prevent apps from being installed if users purposefully allow them. But it will protect their identities by hiding their IP addresses in case they have an app that is designed to track them. An Android VPN will also protect users’ personal data because everything will be encrypted and sent through a private tunnel. VPNs can’t protect users against kelogging software, so they still need their antivirus programs and firewalls. But the VPN will keep them safe from many other types of attacks.

Android VPN Content Access

With an Android VPN from ExpressVPN, users will have a wide variety of VPN server choices. This is great for throwing trackers and criminals off the trail. But it also gives users virtually unlimited access to online content. A lot of websites are blocked in many locations because of government censorship and company policies. By connecting to ExpressVPN servers, these blocks are lifted. For instance, you can access any news websites and watch any YouTube videos you want from China by using a server in a country that does not block them. And if you are in a country where music and video streaming services do not broadcast their content, just connect to a server where they do and you can listen and watch all you like. The ExpressVPN servers make it like you are in that country so you will not suffer from blocks. The ExpressVPN servers are fast and well-maintained, too, so you will not have to go through the problems of not being able to connect or being too slow to stream or losing your connection and your protection.

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