ExpressVPN Features to Have on your VPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable top VPN providers. They are leaders in VPN online privacy protection partly because of the great features and services they offer. ExpressVPN is constantly upgrading their infrastructure to meet the demands of their users in terms of functionality, speed and high standards of security.

ExpressVPN Apps

ExpressVPN is always developing new apps for different devices that come out on the market. Meantime, they also maintain their older app versions. Thus they continue to provide top-level protection to owners of all device types. For instance, many VPN providers only offer apps for the newer Android devices, versions 4.0 and above. ExpressVPN, however, has apps that are compatible with Android OS as far back as Gingerbread. And these apps are still upgraded for better functionality so users get the best available VPN support. At the same time, users who have upgraded their computers and mobiles can always be sure to get the ExpressVPN app they need, fast.

ExpressVPN Reliability

ExpressVPN is known as the fast VPN, and also the reliable VPN. They are always researching security trends and threats. They want to keep their service quality high, so staying current on the latest online privacy and security news is important. ExpressVPN has used this knowledge to provide better VPN server connection reliability. Users of ExpressVPN hardly experience difficulty connecting to servers, connection failures, and slow speeds.

ExpressVPN Options

As part of their effort to give users the best privacy and security, the ExpressVPN app also offers users flexible options. Users can choose what protocols they want to use when they launch the app. This means they can change it according to the speed and security levels they need for their varied activities. And ExpressVPN doesn’t charge extra when users want to change these options, and many other VPN providers do. Users can also change the servers they use as many times and as often as they want. By changing servers, they can get access to the content they need anytime, anywhere. And again this is possible without paying more than their monthly plan fees.


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