ExpressVPN and Tracking Transparency

ExpressVPN is one of the more popular privacy VPNs. It is helping many Internet users keep their personal data away from data brokers who want to use this information to make money. Some companies use your data to make your experience on their websites ore fulfilling. But others can put you in danger depending on the way they use it.

Data Brokers Need to be More Transparent

Many companies are not clear about how they collect and use customer data. A lot of people use ExpressVPN because they would rather not have any data collected than to have some data used for things they do not agree with. The FTC says that data brokers should be more transparent with how they use this data. And many believe that Congress should step in as well. Data brokers should be required to inform the users that they take data from exactly what they intend to use that data for.

Currently, our mobile phone use, credit and debit card payments, webpage visits, and much more is being monitored by data brokers. The FTC says that they are doing this without informing the people that they are tracking, and that this is not acceptable. Since data brokers can learn so much about us that we do not even share with friends, it is important that we have the power to say no to data collection. Many who are aware of this have been using tools like ExpressVPN to protect their data.

Collecting user data is not illegal, but there are significant privacy concerns. These data brokers and individual companies that gather user data also share this data with each other. This is what has prompted a lot of people to use ExpressVPN and other privacy tools. But if we could know what was being collected and what it was for, many of us would rest a lot easier.


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