ExpressVPN and Peering Agreements

There has been a lot of talk about net neutrality and the Comcast – Netflix peering agreement. This peering agreement may, on the surface, give users better access to content. But there are deeper issues that can arise from this. It may solve Comcast’s issue of bandwidth consumption, but does not address other ISPs, or other high traffic services and their peering ratios. The end result will be either painfully slow streaming speeds or higher costs for streaming services. And it violates the principles of net neutrality that should guarantee equal access to all types of Internet traffic. Either way, Internet users end up on the losing end. But by using the best streaming VPNs like ExpressVPN, they can get top streaming speeds regardless of conflicts with Internet service providers.

FCC Proposal

To solve the peering problem, the FCC has proposed that Internet service providers be given permission to make deals with content service providers. Comcast has already made one such deal with Netflix. Netflix and Comcast users complained so much that this deal was struck quite quickly. It raised a lot of eyebrows primarily because of the net neutrality issue.

Net neutrality means that all kinds of traffic on the Internet should be delivered by Internet service providers without prejudice. Early this year, Comcast started refusing to deliver Netflix content because of the high volume of traffic. Comcast had a deal with Cognet, a Tier 1 Internet service provider. But Cognet couldn’t maintain the agreement. So Comcast shut the door and users couldn’t stream their movies.

The FCC understands that net neutrality must be maintained, but there is a commercial aspect that they must consider. Internet service providers need to make enough money to keep operating. But giving them the power to shut down certain types of traffic is dangerous. It can lead to a great deal of abuse, first of all financial abuse. They will charge streaming services more and more for better speeds. Subscribers will then need to pay more to access the content. It can also eventually lead to complete commercialization of the Internet. Handing over the Internet to single entities will be the end of Internet freedom.

ExpressVPN for Fast Netflix Always

While the FCC works this all out with Internet service providers and streaming services, people are suffering from terrible streaming quality. They continue to pay their Internet service providers and streaming services, but can’t get what they paid for. ExpressVPN can bring back prime streaming speeds for all users regardless of the Internet service providers or streaming service they use.


Streaming VPNs like ExpressVPN have not been needed in the past for US users. But users of websites like YouTube, which are now free, are also having bandwidth issues. YouTube is one of the websites with the highest traffic worldwide. Soon, all these millions of users may not be able to get their YouTube content without ExpressVPN. In the end, it is better to pay for a single service like ExpressVPN than to pay higher and higher charges for each streaming service we use. It may come to the point where we even have to start paying for YouTube.

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