ExpressVPN and Google Search Encryption

The Internet has two major problems that Google is now trying to remedy by encrypting global searches. One is Internet censorship and the other is Internet privacy. China has one of the most sophisticated firewalls in the world. It does a good job of keeping an enormous amount of information away from the grasp of the people there. The NSA has one of the most sophisticated surveillance systems in the world. It does a good job of collecting the private details of people around the world. With Google encryption and anonymous VPNs like ExpressVPN, people everywhere can enjoy open Internet with superior privacy.

Google Search Encryption

Google has already begun encrypting searches in China. This helps Internet users in the country to access unfiltered results from the search engine. Google is confident that it will be successful in getting around the Great Firewall. The government in China has censors set up to intercept what users are searching and block anything that they don’t like. There is a long list of phrases that users are not allowed to get information on. It also uses this filtering to weed out people that they consider as threats to the regime. With Google search encryption, they will theoretically not be able to intercept those searches.

Google is also confident that this encryption will protect users from NSA spying. Bulk data collection will no longer be possible with encrypted search traffic. Edward Snowden called out to technology companies at SXSW to play a bigger role in helping people stay protected from mass surveillance. He commented that they have the power and therefore the responsibility to provide Internet users with better security. He mentioned end-to-end encryption as one tool for preserving Internet privacy. Companies like to collect their own stores of data for commercial use, however, so this may not happen. Internet users who want this level of Internet privacy will have to continue using ExpressVPN and other top VPN providers.


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