Detailed Guide for Setup of Tunnelblick Application to Use OpenVPN Connection on Mac OS

If you want to connect to an OpenVPN connection from your Mac device, you would require getting the Tunnelblick application first and then downloading it to be able to use the VPN connection. This application serves as a graphical client for systems running on Mac OS and is available in ready to use modality. Available as a package over the internet, this graphical client package contains all the drivers and binaries required to be used for the connection. So, it eliminates the need of any manual installation for the setup of the OpenVPN connection on a Mac OS based system. This app is available for several versions of Mac OS including OS version range from 10.4 to 10.8. The following step by step tutorial contains instructions on how can you use this app to establish an OpenVPN connection on your Mac based device.

  • To begin with the process, you need to have the installer package of the tunnelblick application. Download the file from the internet to start with the connection process.
  • Mount the file downloaded from the internet on your Mac machine and then drag out a file with the name from it to the Applications folder of your system.
  • Double click on the app icon to run it and when it opens, end it by pressing the close button. This step is necessary to create a folder in the directory of the system’s library to be used for configuration files of the OpenVPN connection.
  • After the creation of the folder, you can copy the configuration files of the VPN connection to activate and configure this app to be used for the service that you subscribed to.
  • Download the configuration files for an OpenVPN connection with the service provider’s website or contact customer care support representatives to get a link to the file.
  • Add the configuration file to the folder “~/Library/openvpn/” to finish the process of configuring the application for your VPN connection.
  • Now again launch the application and then click on the ‘tunnelblick’ icon. After this step, you should click on the ‘VPN details’ to proceed with the configuration of the connection.
  • You will be presented with a list of available servers, out of which, you need to select the server of your choice, to which you wish to establish a connection with.
  • Click on the ‘connect’ button after the selection of the server to establish the connection.
  • Here you will be prompted to enter the log in credentials for the VPN service, which you wish to connect to. Enter the required details and click on the ‘OK’ button to connect to the VPN service.

Mac OS 10.5


So, now you are finished with the installation and the configuration of the Tunnelblick application to be used with an OpenVPN connection on your Mac OS based system. Connecting through this mode will establish a permanent connection with the server, until the system is logged off, put to sleep or the connection to the server is lost. In any other case of connection drop, the tunnelblick tries to establish the connection again with the is the list of top 5 vpn providers.

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