Comparison on SSTP VPN and OpenVPN Protocol

Today we will be discussing the differences between SSTP and OpenVPN protocols. These are some of the very popular and highly used protocols of Virtual Private Network.These are being used by many notable organizations around the world too. Before we examine which of these protocols is better, we should first talk a little about VPN and its uses. If you are new to the VPN technology, it is a very effective way of bypassing internet restrictions all around the world and has tons of associated benefits as well. It is a paid service but still millions of people around the world use it because of its usefulness.

How does a VPN Operate?

VPN connects the users to a remote server located in a region or country of their choice and then the all the internet activities of the user arerouted through that server. The data is transported through a virtual tunnel which is heavily encrypted to prevent outside access and provide maximum security to the private data and sensitive files of the users. This is the ideal method by which users can get an IP address of a different country and access websites that are blocked by their own ISP and government authorities. They can also get an IP address of countries which have some geographically restricted websites that cannot be access from outside the country; a VPN can easily get you access to those websites as well. Now, there are many other uses of a VPN connection but in this post we will be talking about the protocols used in a VPN connection.

Best IPsec


SSTP VPN protocol means Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. Basically, SSTP uses other less protected protocols like PPP or L2TP and then encrypts the data through its SSL 3.0 channel.


OpenVPN is a free and open source protocol which is mainly used in a VPN connection to create point to point and site to site connections. Just like SSTP, OpenVPN also works with SSL encryption.


When we talk about the OpenVPN protocol, it is capable of running on a large number of clients which means that it is compatible with a large variety of devices. On the other hand, if you are using SSTP protocol, it does not support many older operating systems and devices and this canleave out a large number of customers.

SSTP has other advantages like you don’t need any third party application installed on your devices which is not the case with the OpenVPN. SSTP takes another upper hand against OpenVPN because it is very easy to set up and easy to use as well. On the other hand, if you want to set up Open VPN, you will have to install special softwareand set it up by following a long configuration process.

In the section of disadvantages, SSTP is only compatible with devices running Windows Vista and Windows 7. So, if you have a device running one of these operating systems then we suggest you to get an SSTP VPN, if you are using an older OS then certainly you have no choice but getting an OpenVPN connection.

Best VPN Service Providers:

Here is a list of Top VPN service providers that use SSTP as well as OpenVPN protocol to provide excellent quality of service to their customers:

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