ClearVPN Service Review – Offers Secured Access to Geo-Restricted Sites

ClearVPN service, as the name denotes, is offered with a clear purpose of allowing people to access Geo-restricted websites. With its servers located in a few countries only, this service is marketed, primarily to travelers or expats to help them access region locked content. With its simple service, this VPN service is targeted to novice users, where technical users would move to another service having more technical details attached. However, features of this service are discussed below in this review to help you make a better judgment.

Service Cost

This service is offered with different pricing plans based on the country-specific servers with a single country, double or triple countries’ options. The service for UK-only server is available at a monthly cost of $9.75, which is offered at a discounted price of $90 for an annual subscription. Other services that provide an access to 2/3 countries are costlier than this one and are offered with semiannual and annual subscription options only. The service for all three servers is available at a cost of $165 for an annual subscription, while an access through mobile devices is included but needs to be activated during registration. A free trial is also offered for 7 days, which demands payment details and automatically shifts the user to a paid plan after the end of the free trial service.

User Security

The VPN provider boasts of a high security level with an OpenVPN protocol service combined with an encryption of 2048-bit strength. For devices that lack a support for the OpenVPN protocol, there is an option for L2TP/IPSec protocol, which offers an impressive security to the user. For privacy of the user, this VPN provider states that no user log is maintained except connection timing logs, which are used for troubleshooting purposes. Thus, this VPN service offers a satisfying privacy and security for its users.

Speed & Reliability

To test the connectivity and effect on speed, this VPN service was put to test on a 13Mbps benchmark connection, which dropped down to above 10Mbps, offering a better than average result. The service offered by this provider is above the acceptable limits thus can be preferred by VPN users.

Device Support

For a support to different devices available in the market, this company extends its support to desktop systems running on Linux, Mac & Windows OS. In case of mobile devices, iOS & Android operating systems are supported by this service with well-documented instructions for setup configurations.

Customer Support

This service is offered with a limited number of options for support to its customers, including only a contact form on their website with an estimated response time of 24 hours. This restricts those VPN users to use this service, who is looking for a 24*7 support service, however, the response to a query made through this option was responded in a timely manner.


However, the cost seemed to be slightly higher than the normal available cost for such a service and the auto switch option from free trial to the paid version is considered a drawback.

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ClearVPN Service Review – Offers Secured Access to Geo-Restricted Sites, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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