Bypass UK Blocking with IAPS Security VPN

ISPs in the UK have been very busy lately blocking a lot of torrent sites and the popular proxies that people used to regain access. Secure VPN services are the solution, providing untraceable connections that will not reveal the identity of users or put them in danger of being monitored.

Proxies Easily Blocked and Unsecure

Since proxies are not encrypted, they are easy to detect and block. Users have to keep adjusting to find proxies and IPs that haven’t been blocked yet. Then when they mistakenly try to use blocked proxies, they are in danger of being detected, tracked, logged, reported, and punished with cut Internet. If they are on a proxy when it is discovered, their traffic is open to scrutiny by their ISPs. Then they are in danger of being slammed with regulations on downloading and visiting restricted sites.

Untracable, Unblockable VPN

A secure OpenVPN connection from IAPS Security cannot be monitored or traced by ISPs. Users can enjoy torrenting without the hassles and dangers of using proxies. They can once again access the TV torrent site EZTV, the Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents, and other blocked sites. On top of secure access to torrent sites, the IAPS Security VPN gives users unlimited access to websites that provide online streaming services. Even services that are blocked in the UK or restricted to residents of other countries will be open to IAPS Security VPN subscribers. Geolocation restrictions, firewalls and other censorship technologies are easily circumvented by this VPN.

IAPS Security

Logging is a major concern because logs of user activities can serve as evidence of Internet use violations like illegal content sharing and downloading pirated media. IAPS Security is interested in providing security and access to users. It does not track users and log their activities.

Last month David Cameron, the UK’s Prime Minister, announced that ISPs have been instructed to employ default filtering to certain websites. The instruction includes room for undefined websites that are not currently on the list to be added at any time. This is yet another step in the UK’s broad Internet censorship program. The recent moves to restrict UK Internet users have been met with wide disapproval. With more proxies being blocked every day, IAPS Security VPN is the solution that constrained UK Internet users need.

For unhindered web surfing, torrenting and more, IAPS Security provides a secure solution that will not leave users vulnerable to ISP monitoring. To compare the IAPS Security VPN to other providers, use our simple comparison tool. If your computer or device is not compatible with the IAPS Security software, or if you require different features, one of the other top ten VPN providers is sure to have what you need.

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5 $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn
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