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A VPN for VoIP is basically a combination of two technologies: virtual private network and voice over IP, which together offer a reliable technique to deliver secure voice messages over the internet. This type of VPN solution takes care of voice encryption very easily by simply putting to use regular mechanisms for data encryption. Apart from providing security during personal communications using a VoIP service like Skype, the VoIP VPN solution also makes office connectivity extremely simple and effortless for both small and medium sized business organizations. Fundamentally, in a business scenario, a VoIP VPN is a protocol that enables business organizations to enhance their scalability and efficiency, and also to migrate successfully to the focalized data and voice networks with decreased cost.

Technology experts state that efficient implementation and usage of VoIP services in any business facility will require thorough preparation, giving importance to security as an essential part of the complete infrastructure. Meeting the needs and expectations of experts and business owners, the integration of VoIP VPN enables the best usage of the company’s resources as well as augments the Return on Investment (ROI). Hence, it is evident that a VPN for VoIP enables individuals as well as corporations to securely communicate through high quality voice and also to enjoy free and open internet connection all over the world.

Advantages of VoIP VPN

The first and the foremost reason why Voice over IP is passed by way of a virtual private network is due to the utmost level of security it offers its users. However, there are certain VoIP protocols, like Session Initiation Protocol, which do not easily pass by way of firewalls, in which cases a VPN would be used to eliminate such issues pertinent to firewalls. For business organizations, a VPN for VoIP service offers quite a few business benefits, such as improved productivity and enhanced efficiency. In addition, the most preferred advantage enjoyed by business organizations is the cost savings enabled by a VoIP VPN. When an organization installs a VoIP VPN for their Voice over IP communications, it gets to save ample sums of money it would otherwise spend on long distance leased lines.

In some countries, as a part of their internet censorship practices, VoIP services like Skype are blocked access. Business people who happen to travel to one of such countries will find it extremely difficult to stay in touch with their family and friends, and also to perform video conferences with their colleagues or partners overseas. In such cases, usage of a VPN for VoIP will help them access the VoIP service of their choice by obtaining an IP address of a country that does not restrict those services.

Best VoIP VPN Providers

Listed below are the top five VPN service providers that you can use to obtain access to VoIP services:

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