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The best SSL VPN products basically enable users to obtain a safe and secure remote access from any type of web browser that is connected to the internet. Providing users with the ability to access files, crucial information systems, emails, and all other types of network resources from any practical location is never a negligible task. SSL VPN technology usually employs the most advanced and complex technology to provide such features to its users. As of now, the best SSL VPN technology comprises of no official standards. There are several intricate technologies used by SSL VPNs, which users, administrators, and designers of those VPNs need not be extremely familiar or knowledgeable with, in order to comprehend the basic features offered by a best SSL VPN.

SSL Protocol

As you can make out from the name itself, the primary element of the best SSL VPN technology is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Therefore, in order for you to understand how an SSL VPN works, you should first have a basic understanding of the SSL protocol, which is explained in the following section of this article.

Overview of SSL Protocol

Generally, all the web pages get delivered with the help of a protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This protocol, by itself, does not usually provide any type of encryption or other forms of significant data protection for those that are sent and received between web servers and users. With the evolution of the World Wide Web in the early 90s and the objective of expanding the usage of the internet or web to important business activities, especially like the transfer of sensitive and confidential business information over the internet, arouse the need to prevent unauthorized cybercriminals from eavesdropping on such communications between two users.

Though there were different types of technologies that were established to address this issue, most of which made use of the encryption technique to secure the confidential data or information that are in transit, SSL was the one protocol that rapidly became dominant among all the other techniques and hence, transformed to be the most preferred and standard choice for obtaining secure web communications.

By simply looking at the URL of a web page, any user will be able to identify if that particular web page is delivered by way of SSL encrypted communications or not. This identification can be done very easily because; those web pages that are delivered using SSL encryptions usually carry the prefix https, while those pages that are not encrypted carry a prefix of just http. In addition, there are also certain web browsers that display a specific icon, like a padlock or a key, to indicate that the particular web page is encrypted.

5 Best VPN Service

Objectives of the Best SSL VPN

Following are the four basic objectives of an SSN VPN:

  • Integrity of data, which is the prime use of an SSL VPN, but not usually observed by users,
  • Confidentiality of communications, which is also one of the primary uses of the VPN technology,
  • Authentication of client, a rarely utilized mechanism, and
  • Authentication of server.

Benefits of SSL VPN

  • Provides excellent control for access, and detailed records of the activities performed by remote users,
  • Does not require client software that is pre-distributed,
  • Prevents issues pertinent to the translation of network address and configuration of firewall.
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