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Internet censorship causes great inconvenience to users trying to access content. Anyone trying to open websites or use applications that have been blocked by the country they are in will get nowhere. VPN providers have been a boon to these users, but the service does not always work. Protocols get figured out and blocked, and they find ways to stop other technologies from working as well. VPN providers have to stay on top of blocking methods, and AirVPN is one service that has done very well.

Internet censorship in China has become so tight that there is hardly any accessible foreign content. Iran and other Middle Eastern Countries have followed suit. Muslim countries like Turkey are beginning to lay on restrictions. Even countries like Singapore are battling for free access. VPNs have stepped out to the front lines to help users overcome the stifling blocks. But it is no easy task. Services like AirVPN have made enormous efforts against censorship. Their success is a great accomplishment.

AirVPN users can surf the web from China, Iran, and any other country freely. They can feel confident in the VPN’s ability to get around all kinds of restrictive blocks. Apart from beating the Great Firewall, AirVPN has another feather to add to its cap. They have recently announced that they are offering OpenVPN connections to their users. They provide OpenVPN over SSH and SSL. This is a very tight VPN setup that gives users high security and privacy. AirVPN users can now also feel safe in their complete anonymity as they freely use the Internet.


OpenVPN connections disruption is a fairly new technique used by countries that practice tight Internet censorship. China, Iran, Egypt and Syria are known to use it to block OpenVPN connections. They are able to disrupt OpenVPN connections because these connections leave a unique trace. Deep packet inspection can distinguish the OpenVPN connections from other SSL/TLS connections though the DPI fingerprint identification process. But using OpenVPN over SSH blocks the disruption process. OpenVPN over SSH cannot be distinguished from pure SSH or SSL. So DPI fingerprinting is useless in these cases. Thanks to this new addition, AirVPN users in these restrictive countries can enjoy free access without worry of being discovered and shut down.

AirVPN has more in store for its users that suffer from limited Internet access. Geolocation restrictions plague many other users, even though they do not live in countries that practice Internet censorship. Geo-restricted services allow access to only those people who live in a certain country. Examples are BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu. Previously, users needed to connect to an AirVPN server in an allowed location for the services to be unblocked. The IP address given to the users through these servers make the websites think they are in that area. So users got to watch all they wanted, as if they were within these networks’ service areas. Now, AirVPN users get to try out this new technology which will in theory allow them to access geo-blocked content from any server they are connected to. They no longer need to connect to a US server to watch Hulu or a UK server to watch BBC. Not all websites are currently supported, but AirVPN is taking suggestions on their forum, and we hope to see many more supported websites soon.

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