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There are few aspects for which internet users opt for a VPN service. Few of those factors include the location accessibility, security, confidentiality over the web etc. A tunnel based network access would be provided by VPN service providers and this would provide enough security and anonymity to the user. As a result of this particular factor, all the data and file transfer performed by the user over the internet would be protected. VPN Reviews presented in this article would be based on the price of the service, speed of the servers and individual analysis of VPN service providers.

Price factor

Charges imposed by VPN service providers would differ from one particular provider to another and would be attractive for some and the same provider might not be attractive to another. Certain VPN service providers offer their services for free too, but the level of services that can be obtained from them would be limited. A free VPN service provider would not provide enough speeds, bandwidth and security to the internet user when compared to those who charge a certain amount of fee for obtaining their services.

Speed factor

Speeds of VPN servers would affect the internet speed possessed by the individual. A VPN server would cut down the actual speed of the internet to around 75%. Price of the services offered by a VPN service provider would determine the VPN speeds too. High cost VPN service providers would provide a speed of over 15 Mbps.

VPN Reviews – Service Providers

  • HideMyAss – This is one of the most popular and well-known VPN service provider. This particular VPN service provider operates in more than 50 countries and the number of servers possessed by this provider is over 250. Due to a wide reach possessed by this VPN service provider, it is possible to access a lot of contents over the web across countries that have geographic restrictions placed on websites that can be accessed. Encryption protocols such as L2TP, IPSec, PPTP and OpenVPN are supported by this particular network. Services offered by them costs around $11.52 per month and for annual subscribers, $78.88 would be the cost per year.
  • ExpressVPN – VPN Reviews done on this service provider show that, the company offers best service to its users. Security and anonymity is offered by a ExpressVPN type and high speed access for PlayStation or other gaming consoles is provided by ExpressVPN. Security and anonymity offered by the former cannot be obtained from the latter. It costs around $12.95 per month for users to make use of their services. Geographically restricted contents can be viewed by them quite easily. ExpressVPN service provider generates good access speed and since it is offered at a considerably lower price, more and more users have signed up for their service.
  • AirVPN – Servers possessed by them are spread over 10 different countries and users who want to log on to these countries to view their favorite videos, live streams and other online TV shows etc. can make use of those servers. Price for obtaining their service is around $9.50 per month, and for a period of three months, users would be able to make use of their servers for a price of $20. Users who give importance to security and anonymity should definitely opt for AirVPN. However, software setup procedure is a bit complicated which can be done with expert assistance.
  • PureVPN – PureVPN Reviews show that, the servers possessed by this service provider is spread over 19 countries. All the basic VPN protocols such as L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP and SSTP are supported by the user. Pricing of this VPN service provider is $10 per month and for annual subscribers, the servicers are offered at more than half the price i.e. $50 per year. Bandwidth limitations are not there and so unlimited bandwidth accessibility is made possible. Speeds can even go up to 20 Mbps, which makes the service speed offered in the excellent category.
  • VyprVPN – VyprVPN service provider mainly seem to have obtained by mobile users. It works the best on mobile phones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad etc. This particular VPN service provider contains the maximum number of servers operating all over the globe, accounting to around 700 servers worldwide. A fee of $10 should be paid for monthly access and for annual subscribers, $100 per year is charged. VPN Reviews also indicate that it supports protocols such as L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and IPSec.
  • Strong VPN – Strong VPN is regarded as the best VPN service amongst users from Asia and Pacific region. Costs of the services provided by Strong VPN would differ based on the location of the user. It might even cost around $20 per month and thus, it is one of the expensive VPN service providers. L2TP and PPTP encryption protocols are supported by this provider.
  • Private Internet Access – As the name indicates, this is a VPN service provider that focuses mainly on providing data security and anonymity to the user. All the data that the user transfers using their VPN service would be protected from hackers and frauds. It is regarded to be offering greater speeds. This is a VPN service that has higher benefits; the customer would be able to get more than what they would actually pay for the service provided by the service provider. Shared IP addresses would be experienced by users who logon to the same server. The service costs around $7 per month and around $40 per year.
  • Witopia – One of the most reputed VPN service providers is Witopia and in this article, even that has been brought under the study of VPN Reviews. Access speed is good and the only drawback faced by most of the users is that, the software provided by the service provider takes a lot of time to install and the configuration process might be frustrating to the user. A price of $6 per month and a yearly cost of around $50 have to be paid by the user.
  • Overplay – Overplay does not have a reputation as that of a HideMyAss or Witopia, but it is a decent service provider. Basic subscription package and premium subscription package is offered. A basic pack would cost around $5 per month and premium pack would cost around $10 per month. Servers operate in around 12 countries and the access speeds are also very highly rated amongst users.
  • BoxPN – BoxPN VPN Reviews provide information on the services provided by the company. Pricing is more or less similar to that of Witopia, monthly fee of $6 has to be paid and yearly package costs around $45. It supports only two encryption protocols which include PPTP and L2TP. Operating servers are located across 10 countries. File sharing and data transfer is maintained confidential and the service provider provides assurance on that too.
  • ProXPN – Users would be able to make use of the basic service package offered by this provider for free of charge. VPN Reviews state that a premium subscription charge of $6.25 per month has to be paid. Reviews are mixed amongst users and a common talk is that, basic version offered for free is very slow and users are not able to access their shows with speeds they would love. PPTP and L2TP encryption protocols would only be supported.
  • IPVanish – Another major player in the VPN service provider industry is IPVanish. VPN Reviews show that, it is an internationally well known service provider with presence across almost 16 countries. Speeds with which the server can be accessed are one of the highlights of IPVanish since it would often be over 10 Mbps, which is a very good indicator of how good the services are. For a user to subscribe to this particular service provider it would cost around $10 on a monthly basis and on a yearly basis, it would cost only $78 per year.
  • VPN4All – This is one of the expensive service providers which would cost around $17 per month and around $61.40 per year. Servers are located in 25 countries and so the reach is fairly there. The service provider is based out of Netherlands mainly.

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From the VPN Reviews stated above for individual service providers, readers would have understood the basic factors revolving around the field of VPN service and this would help the users to choose the best VPN service provider that would match their needs perfectly. It is necessary to choose a VPN service provider based on the number of servers they possess in a particular country and this country should be the one, the person is trying to connect to from a different location. This would ensure enough access speed, unlimited bandwidth, security, anonymity and other overall supporting benefits.

Rank Provider Name Starting Price Money Back Guarantee
Visit Provider Site
1 express VPN $6.67/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
2 $11.52/ Month 30 Days visit expressvpn
3 $14.95/Month 7 Days visit vyprvpn
4 IpVanish VPN $10.00/ Month 7 Days visit ipvanish
5 $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn
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