11 VPN Troubleshooting Tips: Quick and Easy Fixes in 2019

VPN service is capable of delivering a high speed, highly secure and anonymous internet connection no matter where you are situated but just like most of the software applications or technologies even these do have a few pitfalls. If you are not able to get over them then we are sure that the discussion below will give you some valuable tips on effective troubleshooting.

Server switching

This is probably one of the most popular troubleshooting techniques wherein you could simply switch servers for achieving the results you need. Slow or constantly disconnecting server issues can be overcome using this simple technique. Overcrowded servers tend to be sluggish at times which can be avoided by simply switching servers. Server tracker feature is available in some VPN apps which can be used to test the internet traffic of the servers.

Protocol switching

The type of protocol based network you are connected to also have a role to play in performance. In the case of IP protocols, you can opt for User Datagram Protocol which is faster compared to Transmission Control Protocol. As far as VPN protocol switching is concerned, you need to be aware of the fact that, changing protocols do compromise on the security risks you might experience. L2TP/PPTP/IPSec protocols deliver exceptional performance whereas other protocols do hamper performance due to the high security feature they deliver. Consider this fact before making the switch.

Port number switching

The first two processes will work on both desktop and mobile apps whereas this is exclusively for Desktop setup. Any connection to be established between your computer and the server, a port number will be used. There are many different ports but a VPN server mostly uses just one particular port for the connection. Port overloading is normal which results to traffic which can also be avoided by port number switching. ISP bandwidth throttling is also quite common wherein the throttling is intentional for minimizing internet traffic. Note that changing a port number is a highly risky move and must be done only if you are fully aware of its consequences. Unfamiliar users must reach out to the customer support expert to understand the process clearly before making the switch.

Security modifications

If you are using an Antivirus or firewall system then there is every chance that those systems could come in the way of VPN functionality thereby preventing them from working properly. Try testing the performance of the VPN by switching-off all the different external security features in your system. We do not suggest you to turn them off permanently because that could also damage your system. Subscribe for a VPN that will work effectively in tandem with your security programs. VPN support staff will help you resolve this problem effectively.

ISP switching

In some cases, VPN might not be the problem for the performance lag you experience. Your internet service provider might be the reason for you experiencing poor performance. If you are experiencing smooth loading times then there is nothing wrong with the VPN. You can test this out by simply connecting to the VPN server from as different location and if you experience the same then it is time to switch your network provider.

Server testing

Some users have complained about the inability to make use of a VPN connection when located in a different country. If you are traveling to countries like China, Middle East, Russia, etc. then there is every chance that you might experience the lag or connectivity issues. When you are visiting such countries, make sure to be ready for it beforehand. A VPN that works in the country you are about to travel to is the perfect fix for your problems.

Software version

This particular fix is quite common since most of use do not recognize the importance a software version makes. If you are using an older version of the VPN software then you are bound to experience performance lags. VPN applications are updated on a regular basis and if you do not set it to automatic updates then you’d experience constant crashing problems. A stable software version is mandatory so uninstall the older version and install the new one for better performance and stability.

App refresh

As mentioned earlier, uninstall the older version, download the new version and install it on your desktop or smartphone. Once installed, make sure to refresh your device by giving it a reboot. If you have not installed the app properly, you could find that by implementing this particular step. Sometimes this simple process will do wonders.

Customer support

If you are still facing issues with the connectivity then it is better for you to take up the issue with the VPN service provider directly. Dedicated customer support team of the service provider could help you resolve the issue right away. Live chat, 24X7 chat support and other support platforms provide you all the assistance one might need.

Apart from the various troubleshooting tips we have given you above, make sure that you have an active and working internet connection, user credentials are correct and the server you have selected is online and working. These 3 simple issues can also lead to connectivity problems hence be sure of it.

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