VyprVPN Dump Truck

VyprVPN introduces the GoldenFrog Dump Truck service for fast and secure online storage. Data privacy up to the storage level is important, and VyprVPN explains how the VPN service with Dump Truck can increase the level of user privacy online.

Dump Truck

Dump Truck is pretty much like any other online storage system. You upload files to your account and store them there for free. For users with a Diamond Level Membership at Giganews, VyprVPN is happy to announce, 30 gigabytes of storage comes free. The service can be purchased separately for $5 a month, and the NAT firewall service goes for just an additional $3 as a package deal. The NAT firewall which blocks unrequested incoming traffic so your device is secured against attacks. Upgrades from 50GB-1TB of space are also available, however, for between 4.99 and 99.99 extra per month. Upload and download speeds are fast, so it is a very convenient service. But the best thing about Dump Truck, says VyprVPN, is that the storage is securely managed to prevent intrusions and to provide users with online privacy.

GoldenFrog Dump Truck apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are available and included free with every Dump Truck account. VyprVPN announced that this is provided so that all users can back up all their devices for best security and data protection. Remote data wiping is a good practice for users when their devices are stolen, but VyprVPN reports that many users do not do this because they do not have a data backup. They hope to retrieve their phones or attempt to somehow access the data remotely. While they are trying, the thieves may have already taken advantage of the data to launch attacks against the user’s connected devices and accounts, or are in the process of scamming the user’s contacts. Offsite Dump Truck backups of phone, tablet, and computer data help prevent this. Users can back up files anytime, and from anywhere.



Most people have heard about VPN services, and many use them to connect to office networks remotely. But many have just taken this service for granted and do not really know what Virtual Private Networks are or how they work. Simply, a VPN is a way to create a secure and private network connection to another computer or network through the VPN network. The VPN provides a layer of security for the weak access points where snoopers and hackers usually attack. This is done by first creating a private tunnel where only specific users have access, and then by encrypting the data that is sent through them. So if you are using WiFi at a public location, you are safe from being hacked with a VyprVPN connection. You can also use a VPN service like VyprVPN to prevent ISP deep packet inspection and bandwidth throttling for greater privacy and freedom. In the same way, your activities cannot be monitored by other people like the government or data brokers. VyprVPN offers up to 256-bit encryption which is highly secure without affecting your Internet speed.

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