VyprVPN Announces Business VPN, New Servers

Golden Frog has recently announced their expansion. The VyprVPN service is now available for business use. They have also extended their reach in the last two weeks, opening server clusters in Miami, Florida and Oslo, Norway.

The business VyprVPN is designed to serve the specific needs of businesses. The goal is to give businesses a VPN suited to the particular needs of a business environment. The recent spike in online crime has prompted Golden Frog to extend services to businesses to help them properly shield themselves from attacks.

VyprVPN for Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are the most vulnerable to online attacks nowadays. SMEs are more likely to have insufficient protection against these attacks, and so are easy targets. They also hold enough product information and consumer data to be valuable sources. The data can turn a large profit for fraudsters who sell it or use it to commit identity theft, financial scams, and more. Much is lost by way of confidential information when these attacks are successful. Both the business and their clients are at the losing end, and VyprVPN for Businesses can help prevent these losses.

Securing All Connections

SMEs are most likely to be attacked through online communications. The vulnerability is usually in the connection between the local network and the ISP. This is the first traffic flow that VyprVPN for Business will secure. By creating a secure VPN tunnel, the service will encapsulate all data sent through the network to keep it shielded from anyone trying to intercept it. VyprVPN will secure each Internet enabled device by providing it with a VPN connection that will route all traffic through a secure VPN server.

The VyprVPN servers provide businesses with additional protection. The servers are fortified with anti-malware defenses that keep malicious software away from business networks. Malware is the tool that hackers use to get a hold on networks and the computers connected by them. Infiltration allows the hackers to systematically gain control of network and computer systems. Once in control, all business data and network functions are at their mercy. The VyprVPN servers work to prevent malware infection that leads to intrusions.

Many modern businesses rely on remote connections to some degree. Employees routinely work from home or in the field. Remote access to office networks has been made easy through widely available WiFi hotspots. But these unsecured connections are teeming with snoopers ready to pounce on any chance to ride the traffic stream right into the business network. VyprVPN for Businesses will secure all devices outside the office as well, protecting communications with the office network from remote locations.

BYOD policies are becoming more popular in SMEs especially. Employee devices used for both personal and business tasks are many times the cause of office network intrusions. Unsecured personal devices, especially those that often access open Internet connections, are prime targets for malware infection. People also often download a wide variety of applications, mostly free versions of games, office tools, and other useful or fun products. Free apps for mobile devices and tablets have long been known to have a very high potential for malware infection. Hackers pre-load these apps with malicious software and pass them off as free versions. The malware is designed to gain control of the device and infect other devices it comes in contact with through both physical or Internet connections. Employees who use these devices for work have an 87% chance of infecting the office computers and network when they charge their phones through USB connectors, send email or access the database on their tablets, and so on. VyprVPN for Businesses will secure all employee devices used for work to prevent this from happening.

VyprVPN Business Features

VyprVPN for Business will of course offer the same features of data and traffic encryption. The business VPN will focus on protecting the online privacy of employees and prevent the monitoring of business communications online. The business VPN will also provide access to restricted content to promote business growth and to preserve open and free Internet.

With bundled pricing and easy administration of users, VyprVPN for Business is a practical security choice. All employee and office devices can be secured through the same VPN account, giving SMEs big savings. This centralized system will also give VPN office managers control over office-wide general VPN settings. Monitoring of employee VPN use and connections is also possible. This can help administrators pinpoint unauthorized access and eliminate instances of data mishandling and theft by employees.

Golden Frog owns a world-wide network of VPN server clusters in North America, Europe, and Asia. It operatesthe servers in-house, so user data privacy and security are ensured end-to-end. The business VPN will offer clients the same high speeds and server choices as are available to the current customers in over 200 countries. Please visit our VPN page for more details on VyprVPN and other leading providers.

Golden Frog has launched new server clusters in more than a dozen cities around the world so far this year. New servers in Miami and Oslo have just been added to the Golden Frog network. NSA spy programs have heightened privacy concerns in the US and overseas. The refusal by the US Congress to accept the proposed restriction of phone surveillance has prompted many Internet users to take charge of securing their own privacy online. In Norway, Internet users face upcoming legislation that promises to be more restrictive than the scrapped SOPA in the US.
Golden Frog has responded to these needs by expanding the VyprVPN server coverage to these two new locations. Connections through the following clusters are available to all VyprVPN subscribers:

Hong Kong
Canada – Toronto
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Paris
Germany – Frankfurt
Ireland – Dublin
Italy – Rome
Malaysia – Kuala Lampur
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Norway – OsloNew!
Romania – Bucharest
Russia – Moscow
Spain – Madrid
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Zurich
U.K. – London
U.S. – Austin
U.S. – Los Angeles
U.S. – Miami New!
U.S. – Washington, D.C.

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