Knowing which Virtual Private Network (VPN) is right for you can be determined by a few things. First things first, where are you located? The degrees of censorship and restrictions vary in some countries, especially in countries where these concerns are over the top. Those countries shut off some VPN connections, and the only way around it is to switch to a connection that works where you are. For instance, OpenVPN does not work in China but PPTP does.

Another factor is the device you plan to use VPN on. PPTP is generally available on all devices. But as weird as it sounds, SSTP which belongs to the same bunch as PPTP is available only on newer devices due to its proprietorship. Fortunately, most of us have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. These versions support SSTP.

Although OpenVPN is used on fewer devices, it is flexible so if you have a router you can set it up for a broader network reach. Connect any device to your router and internet browsing on that device will be picked up by OpenVPN. Simple as that you already have VPN protection even if the device does not support OpenVPN.

Then you also have to consider what you want to use it for. For example, you want to access US Netflix on your iPad and you are in Canada. You are automatically prevented from using PPTP/L2TP so it would be best to follow easy recommendations by Strong VPN for you to be able to use US Netflix. This link is your guide for iOS devices. Another example is when you need extraordinary encryption for packet size alterations to run through restrictions that are way too demanding. For this, you can submit a request to customer area and let the OpenVPN settings configuration take care of your problem.

If the problems you are encountering are not here, we know a VPN expert that can help. Strong VPN is among our Top 5 VPN Service Providers. This VPN company is a pro at giving clients 5-star support and quality internet services.

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