Understanding the VPN Technologies

The fundamental concept of a virtual private network, commonly known as VPN, is pretty much simple. A business organization may contain several branch offices located in different parts of the world, and every office might contain a local network of its own. There are several organizations that also have exploding number of employees who happen to work remotely, either from their home or on the go. A VPN connection is basically used to interconnect such discrete locations and networks over a non private or shared network. In spite of this definite ease, the different types of VPNs available to individuals and businesses keep on increasing, and also there is a confounding array of technologies that are used to implement these VPN connections. Hence, it becomes extremely difficult for you to decide the type of VPN solution that would best suit your needs, whether you are an individual or a group (business organization).

This article aims at describing some of the primary technologies behind virtual private networks that are currently being used on the internet. With considerable growth in the internet, there have also been significant changes in the ways in which VPNs work, and this is also due to the fact that several business organizations have started to depend on the internet for their communication needs. The outlook in which service providers or vendors make the products and services of VPNs available to consumers continues to develop with time. This had led organizations into a disoriented state, not being able to comprehend what actually is a VPN and how will it be suitable for their business operations.

Criteria for Assessing VPN Suitability

When it comes to VPN technologies, organizations are spoilt for choices. As you have a wide variety to choose from, there is a list of criteria that has to be met with in order to ensure that the particular VPN solution will best suit your business needs. For you as a user of VPN, the VPN solution you choose should meet the following criteria:

  • Quality of service: As a user, you may be in need of a specific quality of service (QoS) for all your connections with VPN sites. For instance, you may be in need of a particular bandwidth. In such cases, the backbone of the VPN service provider you choose should support the facilities of tunnels that are QoS constrained, and the VPN must be able to use those tunnels.
  • Service of the VPN: The services offered by the VPN provider must match your service requirements. The types of protocols used by different VPN providers differ significantly and hence it is important that you choose one with the protocol type you wish to use.
  • Security: If your main reason for using a VPN service is to protect the sensitive data you send and receive over the internet, then you should make sure that the VPN solution you choose supports authentication, encryption, and integrity checking of all the data you transfer through the VPN tunnels. You will gain an additional advantage if all the routing information that is distributed in the network of the VPN provider is also protected. This will help in the prevention of exposure of the network topology to prying eyes.
  • Manageability: As a VPN user, you will also require a solution that helps in bringing down the migration costs of your organization, and is easy to manage as well. The configuration or setup of the VPN service must be easy to understand, and should not be complex in a way that it can be managed by your organization’s network personnel only if they have thorough training.
  • Developed and reputable: The VPN solution you choose must definitely have extensive acceptance and deployment in the industry. Those VPN service providers that are new or less popular might not have the technology completely tested before offering it to you. Hence, perform enough research and choose wisely.

Types of VPN Technologies

This section of the article discusses the three most important types of VPN technologies, which include: trusted VPNs, secure VPNs, and hybrid VPNs. Among these three, the first two types of VPN technologies can exist together in a single package, and are not related to one another technically.

  • Trusted VPNs: The only type of privacy offered in the trusted VPNs is the assurance of the communications provider to the user that he or she will be the sole user of the circuit. This will enable you to have security policies and IP addresses of your own, without sharing them with anybody else. You as the customer will trust the VPN provider when it comes to maintaining the circuits’ integrity and using the best possible business practices to prevent the network traffic from being snooped. Hence, these VPNs are referred to as trusted VPNs.
  • Secure VPNs: As more and more corporations started to rely on the internet for corporate communication purposes, security became one of the major concerns for both providers and users. As trusted VPNs provided no definite security to users, vendors decided to develop protocols that enabled the encryption of traffic at its point of origination, transferred through the internet just like most other data transfers, and performing decryption at the receiving end. With this encryption, even if a cybercriminal gets to see the traffic, he or she will not be able to make any changes to it without the knowledge of the receiver, who will reject such changes. Such networks are known as secure VPNs.
  • Hybrid VPNs: Hybrid VPNs are new network types currently available in the market, which are basically obtained when a secure VPN runs along with a trusted VPN.

Most organizations use secure VPNs in order to ensure that the sensitive business data they send and receive over the internet do not get captured by third parties.Here is the list of top 5 vpn providers.

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