Ultimate Online Protection with uProxy and ExpressVPN

It is no secret to the majority of computer users that the Internet is not a secure and exclusive network system, especially not today where everything you do once you go online can be tracked by anyone. You may not know it but your online protection is not at its maximum potential. With nothing to use as a virtual shield, how can you be sure that you can evade government censorship or hacking systems? Luckily, while cunning government agencies are getting smarter, Google Inc. and prestigious online protection providers are getting smarter still, and this is why we have such things as uProxy and VPN services like ExpressVPN.

Taking a Closer Look at uProxy

uProxy is a new technology established through Google Ideas which acts as a browser extension and is expected to allow internet users to get off of government surveillance systems and browse the Web without fear of being monitored. This software which will initially be serving Chrome and Firefox is Google’s approach to a safer and more private connection between two people who are concerned about web traffic and can trust each other to a certain extent.

In a way, it has characteristics similar to that of a VPN service. This now brings us to the question why we would continue to need VPNs. And also why getting a package from ExpressVPN is crucial now, not when uProxy already becomes available to everyone.

Why you Still need a VPN

As clearly suggested, uProxy is not yet within reach by the public and is still undergoing testing before its all-out release. If you’re wondering why you still need a service like ExpressVPN, it’s mainly because uProxy is limited in a number of ways. It’s true that your communications can be censored with uProxy, but your security from expert packet sniffers cannot be guaranteed 100%. Why is that? uProxy transmits the connection of the person communicating with you to your computer first to avoid interception on his/her connection. This means that anyone who can see the data when you’re away from your desk can use it illegally without your knowledge. That puts you in a dangerous position because you are the first user. Anything that occurs on your end could compromise both you and your friend’s protection.

Online Protection

You can never really trust anyone when it comes to internet communications. This is why VPN providers promote anonymity for your ultimate protection. Even the owner or staff of your VPN provider will not be able to see any of your communications. Most importantly, you can be sure that your internet service providers or ISP cannot intercept your information. Only a VPN can provide alternate IP addresses to ensure that the data source, your computer, cannot be traced when it is sent directly to the recipient. So if you are looking to get ultimate online protection, you can always count on top a VPN provider such as Express VPN and find security through privacy and anonymity while you enjoy browsing the web.

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