The StrongVPN Advantage

After many years of careful development, StrongVPN is proud to have been able to provide one of the most stable VPN services available. The StrongVPN software-based VPN packages provide secure connections to a vast international network of highly anonymous VPN servers. Through these servers, StrongVPN subscribers can access the internet from alternate global locations. This gives them privacy, anonymity and security while surfing the web and using other internet based applications.

The StrongVPN system is especially designed to bypass internet blocks of any kind. And this is done while shielding the identity and activity of the subscriber. The service is great for people who experience a restricted version of the internet. Whether they are banned from accessing websites from schools and offices or the country censors the internet, StrongVPN subscribers can overcome these blocks.

VPN Versus Proxy

StrongVPN carries all the internet packets to and from the subscriber’s device through an encrypted tunnel. Proxies only unblock websites and do not ensure privacy. StrongVPN can privately allow access to web browsing, shield VoIP calls and messaging like Skype, other IM programs, provide anonymous torrenting, and more. If any website or online service is blocked in your location, StrongVPN reroutes your connection so you can access it through a new, private one. Moreover, the StrongVPN servers are secure so subscribers can rest easy when using them. They also block malware, too, for additional protection.

StrongVPN also has no problem anonymously bypassing even the strongest censorship systems. China’s Golden Shield, better known as the Great Firewall, uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to make their filters keener. This discovers and blocks any connections that look like they are routed through proxies. But StrongVPN technology is not easily detected because it just looks like an ordinary connection from another country. They aren’t even looking for it. And the high level encryption of StrongVPN stops anyone from knowing what kind of data is being sent or received through any StrongVPN server.

Some censors block the ports that VPNs use so that they cannot establish a connection. This normally prevents VPN users from connecting to the VPN servers. But StrongVPN continuously monitors these ports and knows how to blend in with regular encrypted traffic. So traffic sent through StrongVPN servers looks like secure customer logins to online banks and similarly encrypted traffic. Censors can then not know what is going on, and if they want to block all VPN traffic, they have to shut down access to all other secure services too. They are not prepared to do this, however, because it means opening up everything and everyone in China to hacking and theft.

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