StrongVPN Voted Top California VPN

StrongVPN serves subscribers around the world with secure VPN services. They have years of experience in private Internet access, and are leading VPN providers. They are now also one of the best VPN services for specifically California users.

A Top VPN to Secure High Risk Traffic in California

Safety and privacy are the top priorities when it comes to browsing the Internet. All Internet users around the world need to be concerned about online security, and this begins with staying private online. Security experts have over the past year been advocating VPN services as an efficient way of securing individuals and businesses that handle sensitive information. As a critical area for many high level companies and institutions, California is at high risk for a number of large online threats.

California houses some of the biggest IT manufacturing firms and also top educational institutions and big businesses. A secure VPN service is a necessity for these people and businesses to secure data transfers and data storage. Thousands of regular users also access the Internet in California on a daily basis. Therefore a virtual private network from a reliable provider like StrongVPN is a must for assured online privacy and security. This top California VPN can be used to enjoy a high degree of privacy and a safe online browsing experience.

Criteria for the best California VPN

The best VPNs in California were chosen based on a set of criteria ranked in importance for California’s specific online privacy and security needs. First is a range of data encryption levels for securing traffic that ranges from regular Internet use to transfers of highly sensitive data. Second is reliable connections that can ensure that all traffic is covered by VPN security at tall times. Third is VPN server security and speeds. The high security of the VPN servers helps all systems connected to the VPN to stay safe from malware and malicious websites in case these are accidentally accessed. The VPN connection speeds allow for fast transfers and reduce the time that persistent hackers have to subject wayward traffic streams to brute force attacks. The best California VPNs are capable of securing critical infrastructure like hospitals, educational institutions, government buildings and high profile companies.


Factors of Online Security

Data encryption is the biggest factor in achieving online security. Any data that is sent over the Internet can be intercepted, copied, redirected, infected, and almost anything you can think of. This poses great threats to individuals and companies because it can cause data loss, data theft, and data manipulation. The manipulation of this data can lead to identity and financial theft, financial losses for companies, system-wide breaches, and system-wide control by online criminals. The main concern of any Internet user should be the encryption of valuable data and sensitive information stored in databases (whether local or online) or sent over the Internet. Maintaining the integrity and secrecy of this data is what matters most. Strong data encryption, the first priority for the best VPNs in California, ensures that data can be read by only the owners and authorized recipients.

The purpose of virtual private networks is to create a private tunnel between the user and the VPN server where data is sealed in a private tunnel as it is encrypted. The data is then sent in its safe, encrypted form, to the intended recipients who are the only ones with the key that can decode it so the data can be read. For stored data, highly secure VPN servers block malware threats and hide pathways to the internal networks of individuals and businesses. This prevents intruders from getting anywhere near the data or finding where it is kept.

For people and companies that rely on remote access, online security is of vital importance. Remote and mobile workers often use unsecured WiFi hotspots and other untrusted connections because that is what is most available to them. A top California VPN like StrongVPN secures these users and their devices from the myriad of online threats present at these dangerous public Internet access points. With a reliable VPN service, remote mobile workforces can go online at any public WiFi hotspot and access office networks without worrying about hackers or malware. Indiciduals can likewise condust their daily Internet activities under the protection of the secure VPN connection.

StrongVPN provides all users with a high level of online anonymity because of the high security standards of their packages. StrongVPN, as a top California VPN, offers additional benefits to users in offshore locations. Many services that must be accessed online are geographically restricted. This is sometimes done as a security measure, and sometimes happens because of Internet censorship and content regulations. With a VPN service set up to provide excellent service in the California area, anyone can access what they need to, no matter where they are physically located and connecting from. Aside from this, StrongVPN users can enjoy unlimited access to any restricted services outside of California or the US. With a wide range of server connection options, StrongVPN subscribers get access to a variety of country restricted services like cloud storage and music and video streaming services in the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, and many other countries

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5 $21/ 3 Months 7 Days visit strongvpn
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