StrongVPN Switches to Stripe

Following the news that Google will be shutting down their Google Checkout payment option, StrongVPN has announced that it will be offering Stripe, an alternative to Google Checkout.

Google Checkout will be retired on November 20th of this year, but StrongVPN can easily move over to Stripe as the switch will be automatic. Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club cards. Stripe is also a good alternative and flexible payment system because it offers high level payment security to its users. StrongVPN subscribers can use Stripe on both the StrongVPN order form and the billing area.

Shopify Payments, a credit card processing system, makes StrongVPN payments through Stripe even more secure because it goes through directly instead of going through a third-party payment gateway. The system also provides real-time payment information so there are no delays. Shopify Payments.

Some people may still want to use their own preferred secure payment systems, however. For more information on payment systems offered by StrongVPN and other top VPN providers, please go to our reviews from here.

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