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Android apps are notorious for compromising smartphone security. But it’s not just an Android problem. iPhone apps can be leaky, too. And leading global VPN StrongVPN warns users not to trust apps. The NSA and GCHQ have been using app vulnerabilities to intercept user data since 2008.

Recent Snowden Documents on Smartphone Apps

Snowden released another set of NSA documents that show how the NSA and their British counterpart, the GCHQ, have been taking advantage of app weaknesses. Apps are designed to collect certain types of user data when they are downloaded and run. These spy agencies have discovered ways to intercept this data. Some of the apps mentioned are games like Angry Birds, social media and sharing apps like Twitter, LinkedIn, Flixster, Flickr, Facebook, and Photobucket, and Google Maps.

These apps were easily used to collect user data because they send this data unencrypted in the first place. Even worse, ads that appear in many free apps are sharing some very specific details about users. This data is readily available through the advertising companies that post the ads. As long as you are connected to the Internet, this data is being sent without protection. You can use StrongVPN, or go into airplane mode while you play games. Make sure you check that the apps are closed via the Task Manager after you use them. The VPN will encrypt your traffic so no one can read it. Killing the Internet connection will stop the ads from running.

Using your cellular data network is a bad idea, and not just when you are on Facebook. You need to connect to a secure local network or use StrongVPN before you log into Facebook, Twitter, or another account. Better yet, use only HTTPS connections from a PC on a secure home or work network. If you are not connected to your VPN keep your WiFi, GPS and other location tools off.

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