Splashtop Remote Increases VPN Security

Splashtop Inc. is the worldwide leader in cross-device computing and collaboration. Splashtop now has a better solution for IT remote support that solves many VPN compatibility and RDP over WAN issues. HideMyAss is a long-standing and popular VPN solution that can provide better enterprise security when combined with the Splashtop Business or Splashtop Enterprise package.

Splashtop Cross-Device VPN Compatible IT Management

The Splashtop IT packages give unlimited remote control of physical and virtual computers that greatly increase IT manageability for mobile VPN especially. Businesses have long struggled to solve the privacy and security issues that arise among remote mobile workers. Splashtop Inc. offers very high quality cross-screen productivity and collaboration solutions that bridge the gaps between smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and clouds. These gaps have long plagued IT professionals as they are both difficult to manage and are a security treat. Bringing all these devices together from in-office to remote to mobile is so complex that it leaves a lot of room for security weaknesses. Just managing the massive network leaves IT departments with hardly any resources to properly monitor each segment. Splashtop’s remote support solution helps them keep it all together and running smoothly with their virtual private network.

For in-office and remote workers, Splashtop’s remote desktop services allow users to easily access and control applications, data and files using their mobile devices. In the past, companies have used these types of solutions but found that they faced many VPN compatibility issues that forced them to choose between data accessibility and security. The VPN compatibility of the Splashtop solutions ensures that remote mobile access remains secure.


The Splashtop solutions are compatible with a wide range of device technologies including Acer, AMD, Asus, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba. Splashtop also supports the latest platform technologies. They have partnered with Intel and integrated the latest Wake-over-WIFI technology so sleeping devices can be roused through WIFI as well as standard LAN. Splashtop solutions basically work like other managing applications for aiding remote communications, such as Citrix GotoMyPC, Citrix Receiver HDX, LogMeIn, RDP-based Wyse and TeamViewer, but have integrated superb VPN compatibility features. Splashtop Streamer is a lightweight agent that is now available to give desktop computers remote control access. Splashtop Streamer is also fully optimized for Microsoft Windows Servers (2003, 2008 R2, 2012), and also virtualization platforms such as KVM, Microsoft HyperV, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware and Xen.

Splashtop remote desktop and application access solutions are top performing solutions. They are easier, faster, and more cost effective methods for dealing with the mobile VPN compatibility issues that have plagued companies with remote and mobile workforces. Splashtop Business and Splashtop Enterprise now offer an unlimited computer access license to businesses with much improved support for virtual desktops and systems secured by VPNs. Splashtop is already known for its interactive remote desktop solution over 3G / 4G networks using a global relay infrastructure that reaches across eight data centers. With the improved Splashtop solution, IT can effectively and efficiently support remote and mobile customers over any network without sacrificing data security.

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