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VyprVPN Review -A Brief Look at the VyprVPN Service Offered by Golden Frog

Serving since 1994, Golden Frog is a well known name among various VPN providers. The huge popularity of the VyprVPN service can be measured by the fact that this company is serving a base of users from more than 200 countries. This VPN provider has maintained its own private cluster of servers that are based in Europe, Asia and North America. The products and services offered by this company are considerable to be used by both the type of users, new and existing.

Service Cost

The VPN services offered by this provider are divided mainly into two categories, wherein VyprVPN is the basic service and VyprVPN Pro is the premium service. The packages offered with this service are accompanied by a money back guarantee for 7 days to allow subscribers to get a refund, if they are not satisfied with the service. The basic pack of the service is available at a cost of 10.49 pounds, which is combined with a 5GB online space for storage. The premium pack is offered at a cost of 13.99 pounds for a monthly subscription with additional security as well as support for mobile devices, which is absent in the basic version.

User Security

The service offered by this VPN provider is backed with a strong encryption with different encryption strengths for its packages. The basic pack VyprVPN is offered with a 128-bit encryption over PPTP protocol, while the premium service, VyprVPN Pro package is available with a 256 bit encryption ensuring high security. With such a high security measure, this VPN provider disappoints its users on privacy measures, with openly available user logs available online. So, user data can be hacked and used by negative social elements present on the internet.


Registration & Connection

To register with this service, all the personal details are required to be filled in the registration form. After registration, user is acknowledged with a confirmation email with a link to download the client for the service. You will be prompted for the credentials required to connect to the service. You can fill in the details and connect to the VPN service to enjoy this service.

Connection Speed

A test of the speed offered by this VPN service was carried over speedtest.net, which provided satisfactory results in connection. The test was carried over with servers of the company located in LA, California, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and the speed test resulted positive for all the tests.


The VPN service offered by Golden Frog is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms for desktop version and iOS and Android OS platforms are supported for mobile devices.

Customer Support

Support to customers is provided by both voice and online based systems. Web based support is available 24*7*365 with a response time of 15 minutes after the submission of the query by the user. While, if you wish to get an immediate resolution to your query, you can contact company representative through the live chat feature available on their website.


The maintenance of user logs disappoints a little, while a free trial pack would have added more value to the service.

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