ProXPN Warns of Current Internet Dangers

With government spying and cybercrime on the rise, proXPN warns Internet users that they may be in real danger every time they go online.

Automated Account Hacking

Recent reports on comprehensive studies done reveal that Internet users are unwittingly helping cybercriminals. It was revealed that 60 percent of living social users reuse their usernames and passwords, and not just for a few accounts but on as many as 49 websites. Once a password is cracked, hackers systematically check a list of websites including banks, healthcare providers and other sensitive accounts. The attacks that they launch are automated and they produce a list of cracked accounts that are then very quickly emptied out. The list of verified credentials is also used to apply for additional services that the account owners will be billed for.

It is assumed that the same trend occurs across social media platforms and other website accounts. Security experts have long warned of the re-use of username and password combinations on unsecure forums, blog sites, news websites, and other accounts for the same reasons. These passwords and IDs can be easily cracked and tested on a very wide variety of other accounts. The hacking process from here on out is very fast and easy, and hackers are taking advantage of it.

The real problem is that with advanced Internet technology, we leave identity traces all over the place, warns ProXPN. Details of our IP addresses include location information, websites store cookies with information about our Internet activities and usernames and passwords, browsers record web search and page visit histories, and so on. These details are all used in combination to give hackers a very clear picture of where to start looking. Their automated systems are fed this data so they can very easily hit successive accounts in a matter of minutes.

ProXPNurges Internet users around the world to review the statistics and consider the very real dangers they face. They offer the option of VPN technology as today’s top solution to Internet security.The high level of security that VPN technology provides ensures protection from the type of tracking that hackers employ to commit fraud. VPNs protect users at all times from breaches caused by their information being hijacked from Internet data streams. VPN technology can mask online activity so that browsing, geographical tracking, online messaging, passwords, and more cannot be intercepted. VPNs secure users from beginning to end with data and traffic encryption, IP masking, and VPN server malware protection.


Government and Private Company Snooping

If hacking dangers aren’t enough, there is all the monitoring and tracking to consider. Many private companies routinely monitor users’ Internet activities. From your favorite news website to your ISP to advertisers to popular services like YouTube all the way to the government, your every move is being closely watched. They all have their different reasons for tracking your behavior, but it all boils down to the same thing. Your activity data can and will be used against you. Hackers routinely intercept this data and use it to profile users in much the same way that these other snoopers do. But their specific goal is to hack your accounts and steal from you. They might not get to your money directly, but they can launch social engineering attacks, serve up malware in pretty packages and a use lot of other techniques that have proven very effective. No one wants to admit that they are easily fooled, but these hackers have made a career out of duping Internet users on a regular basis.

All the monitoring that is going on is a danger to every Internet user. Before people even had a chance to recover from the news of NSA’s PRISM and associated spying activities, it was revealed that the GCHQ, Britain’s intelligence agency, might also be secretly gathering intelligence. Reports point to a link between the GCHQ and the NSA, and to the same internet companies that have supplied the NSA with user data.

Documents show that the PRISM program seems to allow a work-around for the GCHQ so that it does not need to go through formal legal processes. Britain requires certain procedures before personal user information can be obtained. With this deal, they can snoop through emails, photos, videos, chat, and basically any material on the Internet without legal implications.They get the data from Internet companies outside the UK, so they are not bound by any of the laws.

ProXPN has strongly opposed this type of invasive data gathering, but legally speaking it is allowed to continue. They now urgently advise Internet users to take advantage of the available VPN technology to secure their online activities. In so doing, they will take a big step towards securing their personal data and keeping it safe from snoopers. The proXPNVPN service was developed for the purpose of helping the average Internet user to protect themselves against such invasions. Especially now when privacy laws are being circumvented, people need these tools to give them the high level of security that they need to combat data breaches. ProXPN gives Internet users anonymity so users can surf without worry.

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