ProXPN to Fight Cambodia Facebook Block

ProXPN is a leading VPN provider that has been fighting against Internet restrictions since 2009. Now, Cambodian users join the many Internet users around the world who fear that government restrictions will soon be placed on their Internet access. ProXPN is here to assure Cambodian Internet users that their services will be available to ensure smooth and safe access to Facebook and other websites.

The temporary Facebook block in Cambodia in early August has many Cambodian Internet users worried. Civil society groups promptly released a statement to Metfone, Cambodia’s most popular Internet service provider, in response to the block. They demanded an explanation for the blocking of Facebook, and also for the continued blocking of the KI Media website. KI Media is blocked by various ISPs in Cambodia, supposedly because of content that criticizes Hun Sen, Cambodia’s long time Prime Minister.

The groups complained that Facebook is one of the websites that Cambodians rely heavily upon for independent information since traditional media is mostly controlled by the government. These pro media freedom groups suspect that it is part of a plan to permanently block access to Facebook and other websites. Though the block only lasted for a few hours, they commented that this would be enough for the testing of blocking technologies.

Metfone replied, taking responsibility for the Facebook block and claiming that it was a service upgrade that caused the problem. Khieu Kanharith, Cambodia’s Minister of Information, said that there was no government order to block Facebook. He elaborated on the ridiculousness of any government attempt to control the Internet. He also clarified that there are no criminal laws relating to the Internet and that blocking Facebook does not benefit the Cambodian government.

Much Internet traffic to Cambodia is routed from Vietnam, which does censor the Internet. If there is a configuration error in the Vietnam firewall, this could possibly carry over to Cambodia. Although the blockage may truly have been the result of a technical problem, ProXPN stand at the ready to offer services to any Cambodian citizens and residents.

Recent Facebook commentary on the latest election has heightened suspicions that the Cambodian government may after all have a reason to block Facebook. Young Cambodians have been increasingly used Facebook as a platform from which to share ideas and information since mainstream media is censored. Facebook has been used to circulate videos and pictures of protests, crimes, and violence. This year, Facebook has become the preferred platform for free and informal political debates.


Major events and issues are not fully covered by traditional Cambodian media. Internet access allows the people to view a variety of news sources and information. For instance, Cambodia’s ruling party has been accused of committing widespread voting fraud. ProXPN agrees that government involvement in the recent blocking of Facebook is not a far-fetched idea. In 2011, the government requested Cambodian ISPs to restrict access to sites like Blogspot.

The proXPN team assures Cambodian Internet users that the service will be available to them to safeguard their Internet access. ProXPN further assures users that their privacy and anonymity will be guaranteed to protect them against any retaliation. ProXPN offers free accounts that allow access to the secure proXPN servers. Users can enjoy free access to any websites and Internet services for life, limited only by connection speeds. Users who want faster VPN connections can sign up for proXPN Premium accounts. Premium users can also take advantage of advanced features like PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard™, proXPN’s safety measure for cutting data transfers in case the VPN connection fails. ProXPN ensures that all user data is encrypted during transmission to maintain strict individual privacy and security online.

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