proXPN on Digital Rights

2013 was all abuzz with the issue of digital rights. We saw momentous revelations and realized how small the world has become. But we also saw people fighting harder than they have before to regain those rights. And the fight didn’t end there. Many more battles need to be fought to regain the ground that has been lost. proXPN has always stood for online freedoms and privacy rights. And they stand firm in opposition to those who seek to deny those rights.

proXPN in the Fight for Digital Rights

The fight for online freedoms and privacy rights continues to be threshed out. Organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Demand Progress keep pushing for reforms. Individual Internet users around the world keep pressing for the preservation of their rights. And pro-freedom VPN services like proXPN are beefing up their offerings. proXPN wants to make sure they are up to the challenge of helping Internet users everywhere to stay private and safe.

Some people are not fighting as aggressively as they did after the first news came out about government spying. But since the death of Aaron Swartz, founder of Demand Progress, the efforts of privacy conscious organizations has only intensified. Swartz, who also co-founded Reddit and helped birth Creative Commons, was a beacon for privacy and freedom. proXPN commits to holding high the banner that continues to shout out the demand for online freedom and privacy.


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