ProXPN Additional IPs for Netherlands

VPN provider proXPN has recently announced the addition of new IP addresses available for their Netherlands data centers. This is good news for the industry, which supports a high demand for capacity in a country that ranks worldwide as one of the top most connected countries.

The Netherlands has built up over the past years by providing a strong infrastructure for foreign investment. The proXPNnetwork expansion aims to add support to the Netherlands as a data center country, providing security and privacy. The Netherlands offers low latency connections to other European countries. The efficiency of their network infrastructure is vital to their growth.

ProXPN expanded in the Netherlands with the aim of satisfying the predicted need for growth in sever space by next year. They foresee speed as a connected need and have taken on the challenge of continuing to provide it for their users.

ProXPN was founded in 2009 and has steadily grown since then. The company offers both paid and free accounts. The difference between these accounts is connection speeds and premium features of PPTP compatibility and VPN Guard. VPN Guard is a tool used to prevent data transfer when the VPN connection fails. This protects the user against data theft by stopping the transfer of data when VPN encryption is inactive. This is part of proXPN’s expressions of their firm belief in online privacy and security.

Earlier this year, proxpn unveiled CloudXPN, a secure private network accessible to users of the proXPN VPN service. CloudXPN has been in the making since 2009. After almost 4 years the envisioned super secure Internet subset has become a reality. CloudXPN provides exclusive private access to the Internet with all the technologies available to the public Internet. It is meant to secure the gap between the secure proXPN server and websites like Gmail which are open to the public.

The CloudXPN environment is still new, and developers are working on apps for secure applications like instant messaging and file storage.CloudXPN also offers a secure environment for these developers to showcase their creations to over 2 million users via the CloudXPN Marketplace. They are additionally offered websites on the new private domain.

To see how the proXPNVPN stands against other top VPN providers, click here

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