Protect Against Identity Theft with HMA

Identity theft has been around for many, many years. It will never disappear, and just gets more and more sophisticated. When people started experiencing online identity theft, HMA came out to help people battle it. The HMA Pro! VPN uses the most advanced technologies to help users stay safe and hide from WiFi predators, knowledgeable hackers, and shoulder surfers.

Internet users need to be aware of the various threats that face them. They need to know where their identity can be compromised. And they need to know how HMA can help them stay safe. HMA had done extensive research on the subject of identity theft so they can help people battle it. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and HMA is sharing news on the latest statistics on identity theft.

Who Can Access Your Data?

There are many different kinds of online criminals who can get to user information. But they share characteristics and can be grouped into three major types. The first is the group of public Wi-Fi predators. These criminals set up fake Wi-Fi networks to lure users or use sniffer software on popular Wi-Fi hotspots to steal personal information from the data stream. The second group is composed of hackers who are more technically knowledgeable. These hackers have the ability to break into home Wi-Fi networks. They also use malware and phishing emails to acquire user data. The third group consists of various perpetrators who collect personal and financial information by shoulder surfing. They look over people’s shoulders when they are using the internet to see where they go and what they are typing in. These are the same people who steal debit card numbers when they are used at stores. There are very many ways in which identity data can be stolen and used. What these criminals have in common is that they work together to complete the cycle, selling this information to those who have the ability to use identity details to commit financial fraud and steal from bank accounts. But HMA reports that government benefits fraud is the most common. Next comes credit card fraud and phone or utilities fraud. Employment-related fraud is another danger.

HMA warns all internet users that identity theft has been getting worse over the past few years. Yearly victims number in the tens of millions. Financial losses come to over 20 billion dollars annually. About a fourth of all people who are informed of data breaches find that they are also victims of identity theft. And about a fifth of those whose Social Security numbers have been stolen are also victims of fraud. Identity theft is one of the top problems facing consumers. There are about twenty victims of identity fraud every minute. Last year, one out of every twenty adults was a victim of identity theft, most of them young working adults.

HMA for Online Security

Even in the face of all these online security threats, users are not powerless. HMA and other top VPN providers offer VPN service packages to protect user data from identity theft. When using public Wi-Fi, users must connect to a VPN service that encrypts all their Internet communications. This is what keeps them safe from WiFi predators, knowledgeable hackers, and shoulder surfers. Together with a good firewall and updated antivirus software, users can prevent intrusion and system infection.

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