Private Internet Access Improved Service

Leading VPN service provider Private Internet Access announced improvements to its server list and Android compatibility to provide better quality service to subscribers. As the demand for online security and privacy continues to grow, the VPN provider is expanding to accommodate the anticipated increases in the need for VPN services.

VPN Security

With the current threat levels for online identity and financial theft, anonymity on the web has become a concern for many. They have begun to turn more and more to VPN services to cover this important step in their quest for online security without sacrificing the benefits of the internet.

A VPN service allows users to hide their IP addresses as well as block unwanted connections as it protects against data leaks and prevents monitoring and snooping. It has become the leading popular method of securing online privacy because of the additional security it provides.

Service Improvements

The VPN provider announced that their current servers number over 350, up from 250. The server locations span 9 countries. This move provides subscribers with additional bandwidth capabilities and greater speeds when connected to the VPN. The new servers also allow a greater range of connection options and fresh IP choices.

In addition to the 100 new servers, Private Internet Access has made its Android VPN app more user-friendly. It is now also easier to sing up, with options to use Google Wallet on Google Play. Mobile VPN applications are already hugely successful due to the popularity of free WiFi hotspots, but was improved to provide a better experience for subscribers. Smartphone use at public WiFi hotspots is very dangerous, and using a VPN for surfing at these hacker-monitored locations can give users much needed additional security.

Private Internet Access is a leading VPN service providing security for internet traffic through encrypted VPN tunnels. To view our review, please visit the Best VPN providers list.

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