MNC Data in Gurgaon Threatened

Cyber criminals have recently upped their efforts in Gurgaon, India. The Millennium city has grown as a business outsourcing center in past years and has therefore become a target for hackers. Currently, the police are ill-equipped to deal with the recent increase in cyber crime.

Recorded instances of cybercrime in the city have to date reached about 290 according to Gurgaon police. This is almost the average total amount for an entire year from 2010 – 2012. If this trend continues, the number of reported instances of cybercrime is likely to reach 500 before the end of 2013.The local administration and police force is at present not prepared to deal with the growing cyber threat, as is apparent in the small percentage of cybercrimes that have resulted in convictions.

Sensitive Data Storage Facilities Under Attack

Gurgaon in Haryana, India, has been a depository for the data of many multinational corporations and individuals for years. The data stored in this heartland of India’s outsourcing business is comprised of sensitive material that can be manipulated for personal gain. Currently, Gurgaon holds cyber data for thousands of entities worldwide.

The use of technology for business has created a multitude of avenues for communication and the transfer of data to and from all points of the globe. Cybercriminals are riding these inroads and hijacking data along the way. As Gurgaon business grows and technological infrastructure is added, the city becomes a more attractive and vulnerable target.

Symantec Comments on the Severity of the Cybercrime Threat

According to the anti-virus company Symantec, phishing scams are among the threats to Gurgaon cyber security. They also reported that phishing is one of the most dangerous cyber crimes, and that a little over 0.2% of all email communication passing through the city is a phishing scam. Social media accounts are also prime targets for hackers snooping for usable personal data to perpetuate other schemes.

While security experts are aware of the methods and the dangers to users, law enforcement is ill-equipped to take effective measured against the perpetrators. Ritesh Chopra of Symantec commented that hackers targeting this personal information test different ways of extracting information, including fake social media applications and other clever ploys to persuade individuals to reveal their sensitive data, particularly credit card and bank details. One popular method is taking users to websites containing malware that permits access to data stored on the user’s device.

Haryana Government Seeks Private Aid to Battle Cybercrime

Prompted to faster action by public pressure to improve the response to cybercrime, the police are intensifying their efforts. One move by the Haryana government is seeking the aid of private IT experts. They aim to put together a team that will function to detect and investigate cybercrime in the region. On the unofficial roster are employees of prominent software companies in Gurgaon city. The team will work hand in hand with the local police.

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