Maintaining your Security while in Wi-Fi Hotspots

A typical Wi-Fi network is considered “unsecure” for the public if there is no password or login credentials necessary to access it. The most popular locations for these types of connections are coffee shops and restaurants as they cater to a large audience on a daily basis with interests in online activity. These are some of the easiest locations to be hacked at. The best way to visualize this is to imagine a delivery man attempting to bring you a box of important stuff (your internet), when suddenly someone else (the hacker) steals the box from his bag and leaves the area. That thief could make any changes he wanted before bringing it back to you and take down any of the information he discovers while they are poking through your personal property. This is the same case with using unsecured Wi-Fi network. This article explains a little on how to protect yourself on a public network.

Reducing the Risk

Much like many things in life, the best way to prevent a risk factor is to avoid it entirely. As Wi-Fi connections are numerous and necessary for us to preserve our internet data usage, this isn’t necessarily the case. However, it is best advised that while maintaining an unsecure internet connection, it’s far better to avoid the release of personal information or financial planning while using an unsecure network for obvious reasons.

One incredibly useful feature that most internet users have probably never even heard of is a simply trick involving the desired webs sites address bar. By typing “Https” before the websites name you are opting to maintain a secure network between that particular website and your computer which allows for some added security when you browse. This is a simple but useful step towards maintaining the security of your connection.


Ensuring your Protection

There are a number of steps which should be considered which are very easy to do and drastically reduce the possibility of you getting hacked while on unsecure networks. The first of which is to ensure your firewall and internet security programs are all turned on and functioning before logging into any hotspot. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to have an up to date virus and malware protection service which is also turned on. These are often overlooked as many people fail to recognize when their service is out of date or expired. A quick check now could save a huge hassle later.After logging out, it’s also a good idea to scan your device for possible threats, just as a precaution. Also, before logging into a hotspot, its best advised make sure your sharing features are turned off so that others on the same network won’t be able to gain access to your personal information. These may appear to be small steps but can be very helpful. Any number of these tips can dramatically reduce the risk, and even more can be discovered through simple research on the topic of internet security which can allow you to gain protection for you and your loved one.

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