IPVansih Offers Multiple IPs for Flexibility

Any type of proxy service that gives you an alternate IP address can protect your identity and unblock content restrictions. But there are limitations when you have only one option, and security risks when the service is unreliable. IPVanish explains why people need a VPN with high privacy standards and reliable multiple IP options for higher level online security.

Why VPNs are Better

A reliable VPN like IPVanish works better to protect your data and online traffic. IPVanish transports data through a virtual tunnel that only you can access. It then encrypts your data so that it cannot be read by anyone who doesn’t have the decryption key. The encrypted data is then routed to the secure IPVanish VPN server. This is where you are given an alternate IP address based on the server connection you selected. This IP address will be what shows up when anyone looks for your traffic stream. Since it is not your original IP address, you cannot be associated with it and your privacy is now secured in addition to your data. Only the recipient you select will be given the key needed to decrypt your data.

You should have good firewalls and anti-virus software to protect your data and system from viruses. But these security solutions do not work for Internet traffic, and they only start working at your system level. With a secure VPN server connection, threats are blocked at the server level, far away from you and your system. Keep your firewalls and anti-virus programs up-to-date as the final line of defense, but do not rely on them alone for your security. Firewalls and anti-virus programs are only updated when the companies that produced them have caught up with the latest threats and have working solutions to apply. If you are using free or cheap software, your updates are likely to be delayed. With IPVanish, you get an extra layer of anti-virus and anti-malware protection that is top of the line so the newest viruses and malware don’t have a chance to slip through and infect your system.

The multiple IP option of IPVanish VPN provides high quality privacy and security. When you have several servers and IP address ranges to choose from, you have a better chance of remaining private online. The level of your privacy bears a lot of weight on how secure you are. Bits and pieces of data that leak out from your system are what hackers and snoopers use to put together a picture of who you are. This is what they use to get through your defenses. When you use the same IP address, it becomes on of these bits of identifying information. By changing the server and IP address that you use, there is no chance for these people to match you to this data.

Who You Need to Hide from

It is not only malicious software that Internet users need to hide from. There are hackers and other individuals who actively seek out network and system weaknesses. They are after personal data that is valuable to them in different ways. Hackers use personal data to launch attacks to get to your money, and to use your accounts and your system to get to other people. Advertising companies use this data to develop marketing campaigns that bring them huge revenues. Internet companies sell this data to these advertising companies. ISPs also track your data for their own purposes like limiting your bandwidth, and for compliance with government data sharing policies and laws. There are a lot of people you need to hide from, even if you are not doing anything wrong. Truly staying private is only possible through the high quality proxy services that a VPN can provide.


The Multiple IP Address Advantage

Having the option to connect to multiple IP address gives you greater advantage because you can change IPs whenever you like. One IP keeps you limited to that area, creating a profile of you, and also limiting your access to content that is available in that area. With multiple IP options, your IPVanish VPN account gives you access to almost any restricted content worldwide. The easy IPVanish VPN interface allows you to conveniently and quickly select IP addresses from many different countries. You can then select the one that gives you the most reliable connection and speed on top of the security and privacy advantages, no matter what time or day you connect. And this range of oprion is available to all IPVanish subscribers at no additional cost.

With an IPVansish VPN subscription, you can unblock all of your favorite websites, no matter where in the world they or you are based. You will get access to all of the IPVanish international servers that will free you from location restrictions including censorship blocks. You will be able to surf without worry while remaining anonymous. You can watch videos, shop, do banking, and any type of online activity without being tracked so your information and activities are not logged and your data is secured. Individuals and businesses can also greatly benefit from increased ease of communication as the IPVanish VPN unblocks all Internet enabled applications like VoIP services on top of websites. There are so many advantages to using a VPN service with multiple IP options. You can send massive amounts of data without coming up against data or bandwidth limitations or being blocked because your IP address has been flagged for spamming. This way, your large data flow also does not call the attention of hackers and snoopers.

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