IPVanish Protects Your Online Image

IPVanish is a leading VPN service provider that cares about user online safety and privacy. Every user develops an online image that is composed of the various data about them that is stored on the internet. This image projects a person’s character. It is used by human resources departments, advertising companies, data brokers, and can also be manipulated by online criminals to launch attacks and scams.

Online Identity Protection

Most internet users put a lot of data about themselves out on the internet. And a lot more is potentially posted online by their family, friends, and acquaintances. And they don’t realize how damaging this can be to their online identities. Most schools and companies these days do background checks on applicants by searching about them on the internet. They are looking to see what a person is really like, even when they are not on the job or in school. An online identity profile can be seen by anyone, so companies and schools want to make sure their applicants are squeaky clean. The same goes for insurance and financing companies who will check on applicants for loans, mortgages, and the like by looking at who they are online. People have been fired, lost their insurance, rejected by universities, and been denied financing, all based on their online identities.

Many online scammers also use online images to search for potential victims. When people have a lot of personal information floating around on social media sites, for instance, it makes them easy targets. Identity theft is still a big problem around the world today. Many people end up scammed and stolen from, and their contacts and friends along with them, because of the information about them that was running wild over the internet.

IPVanish for Added Online Identity Protection

People should be aware of who they are or what they are perceived as on the internet. Regular checks on names and email addresses should be a normal part of internet security practices. And using private email providers, storage services and the like is the best practice. Being careful about what is posted on social media and sharing sites is another important cautionary practice. And finally, using a reliable VPN service like IPVanish is essential to preserving privacy for a clean online image.


IPVanish is a Tier-1 VPN network that works to help people preserve their online privacy and stay secure so they do not end up with an online profile that attracts and allows negative consequences like rejection and scams. IPVansih is constantly improving to be able to serve its customers better and faster. Just this week, they launched a new server in Mexico City. IPVanish users can use over 7000 secure IP addresses in 44 different countries. The large number of available servers ensures that user get fast connections wherever they are located in the world. Having a top VPN service guarding your online identity is the best way to make sure you are safe and maintain your privacy online.

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