IPVanish Online Unblocking, Privacy

IPVanish is a popular anonymizing tool for circumventing website tracking and blocks. Now more than ever, it has become a standard for online privacy that users need to protect their personal information. Like other top VPN services, IPVanish allows users to surf the web without worrying about being monitored.

Tracking and Monitoring

These days it is impossible to use the Internet without someone following your every move. Whenever you log on, several different groups are ready to begin tracking your website visits and other online activities. Advertising companies, government agencies, cookie stuffing websites, and more seek to gain access to as much of your personal information as they can. They do this for their own purposes and benefit.

Users may not be aware that when they fill out requested information on websites like Facebook or respond to malicious emails that install backdoors and malicious software, they are again providing information to these entities. There is a lot of technology today that is developed for tracking keystrokes and website visits for information and identity theft. Users need to create a shield against this for each outgoing and incoming connection. The best way to do this is to go through an anonymous VPN server provided by a reliable service like IPVanish.
Not Just a Tool for Online Pirates


Privacy Protection

VPN services are not just for people who want to download content and share it without being identified. IPVanish is a serious anonymizing tool that average Internet users need to protect their privacy online. IPVanish currently serves users in 41 different countries around the world to help them protect their personal information.

The first mark of a VPN service that is serious about your privacy is a no-logs policy. IPVanish does not track or store any user activity. While connected to the IPVanish server, users are completely anonymous. Anonymity is important because this is what secures user privacy. With IPVanish, no one can know where you went or what you did on the Internet while connected to the VPN.

IPVanish Features

IPVanish has over 15 years of dedicated experience in creating secure VPNs for all different kinds of users. The service provides instant access to over 3500 unique IP addresses from more than 90 VPN servers that are strategically located worldwide. IPVansih is a high quality performance VPN that offers strong network speeds. When routing traffic through an IPVanish VPN server, users can take advantage of strong data encryption protocols to protect their most sensitive secrets. Users can also control their IP for more freedom to switch locations and confuse trackers and hackers. All your information stays secure in the IPVanish VPN tunnel.

Because technology changes so fast, IPVanish is flexible with OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols. It allows simultaneous VPN connections to ensure the protection of different devices under different circumstances. The IPVanish VPN gives users unlimited and unthrottled speeds and usage limits. You can access any country-restricted websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hulu and Netflix even though they are blocked by your ISP or country.

Performance, anonymity, security, speed, and great support are all very important criteria when it comes to selecting a good VPN provider.

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