IPVanish New Server, Windows Update, Upcoming Cyber Sale

IPVanish announced a big sale that will start Wednesday this week. The IPVanish Cyber Sale is scheduled for November 27 to December 3. It promises big savings on VPN services. Internet users who are interested in signing up for an online identity protection tool should stay tuned to the IPVanish blog for details on the sale.

IPVanish New Servers

IPVanish has launched a few more servers this month. The three new IPVanish servers bring the total to 7 new servers so far this month. The new available servers are in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Paris, France, Auckland, New Zealand, and Jakarta, Indonesia. But IPVanish isn’t done yet. They have worked over the past 15 years to give users fast and secure VPN services. Adding new servers and locations regularly is just part of doing that. IPVanish now has more than 7,000 IP addresses available to users on more than 105 servers located in 46 countries worldwide.

IPVanish Windows Update

There is an update available for IPVanish Windows users. Version fixes some of the issues using the VPN on Windows operating systems. Opening IPVanish more than once is now prevented with a warning, so the issue with exceptions no longer occurs. The software will also not close but instead be minimized to avoid cutting off the connection unintentionally. OpenVPN is again the default protocol, and the log window error for connection failure is fixed. But the protocol last set by a user is saved, so you don’t have to keep changing it back to what you want. Your antivirus program will also no longer detect IPVanish as a threat. You can also view the status of your connection in the task bar.


With IPVanish, users can control in what country their IP address indicates they are located. This helps them bypass connection censorship, protect their online identities, keep their data private, access the content they want, when and from where they want, and more. Get unlimited bandwidth and server switching on multiple accounts and very easy to use software and interface to access all the VPN protocols with IPVanish. You can also block unwanted marketing and stay safe behind the IPVanish virtual firewall.

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