IPVanish for 2014 Cyber Security

2013 was an epic year for online privacy battles and stunning government spying revelations. Named one of the leading VPNs, IPVanish maintains the commitment to online privacy.

IPVanish is VPNSP’s Editor’s Choice

VPNSP is considered one of the best sources for information on VPN services. They have just published their Editor’s Choice awardees, naming IPVanish as one of the best choice in VPN for 2014. The awards were given based on thorough evaluations by the VPNSP team. They looked at over 350 VPN companies and compared them against several factors. Among these are customer support, network size (interntional), growth, and response to user needs, including available apps and software. After the comparison, the reviewers recognized IPVanish as the fastest VPN for users in North America and Europe. IPVanish was also recognized as a reliable global VPN service. The provider also scored points for innovation as they brought their network size up to 47 locations and counting.

IPVanish for 2014

To usher in the New Year, IPVansih is offering a 20% discount on 3-month subscriptions. IPVanish wants users to have the power to protect their activities online. This is why they are offering their powerful VPN to users for a discount. The IPVanish VPN gives users online security with encrypted communications and helps them regain online privacy as well. Online anonymity for secure communications, banking, shopping and more is a necessity in these times of Internet snooping, account hacking and identity theft. IPVanish also allows users to control where they appear to be from to avoid tracking and to break down the barriers that limit access to Internet content.

And IPVanish has just launched a new server even after being an Editor’s Choice awardee. The new IPVanishMexico City server is proof of their commitment to growth and appropriate service response to users’ needs. This server is the second one in that location and is available to L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN users. Users will get unlimited access to the new server and not face bandwidth throttling. The provider now has 113 VPN servers all in all.


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