ibVPN Website Redesign and Mac OS Mavericks Upgrade

ibVPN has been busy this month. Early on they came out with the Proxy Droid, then redesigned their website for easier navigation and a better look, and finally the Mac OS service upgrade called Mavericks. ibVPN has certainly worked hard this month to provide users with better service as they continue to cater to their users’ requests.

Proxy Droid Setup and Use

The Proxy on Demand service of ibVPN has been around for a while. But they have recently designed it to work better for Android devices. The ibVPN proxy service is only provided to users of the ibVPN Ultimate package. For users who want to be able to set up their different internet enabled applications to operate over a proxy server, it is a good idea to upgrade. The proxy servers do not encrypt users’ connections like a VPN does, but a certain browser, for example, can be configured to use a proxy while other applications do not. And now, Android devices can run the same way.

With an ibVPN Ultimate subscription, users can easily see a list of the proxy servers that they can use when they open the Client Area of the app. Then with the Proxy Droid app, they can have specific applications set up to use proxies when they are launched. Proxy Droid will then always have those applications run through a proxy server until the settings are changed. All you need to configure an application is the server address of the proxy you want to use, its port number and name. Proxy Droid only works for rooted Android devices, but we hope that ibVPN will soon have a solution for other Android users. Rooting a device is not a good idea for inexperienced Android users, and can brick the phone. So users are warned to be cautious in making the decision to root a device to be able to use Proxy Droid.

A New Website for ibVPN

The new website design of ibVPN has been in the works for months, and we now get to see it in action. The website was essentially rebuilt with new code to give it the new look and features that ibVPN users have been asking for. The redesign was sparked by the main needs to make things run faster and easier to use for ibVPN subscribers. It also makes managing the service easier so that users can get quicker responses for needed updates. There is also an About section that gives users more information about ibVPN, and access to worldwide reviews sorted by location.

Mac OS Mavericks Upgrade

Apple just released the Mac OS called Mavericks, and ibVPN has stepped up to the challenge of finding a compatible app for users of the new OS. ibVPN found that TunnelBlick did not work on Maverick, and a new beta version was released. For users who are already on Maverick, they can download TunnelBlick beta from the SourceForge website, or from the Preferences tab of the TunnelBlick menu. The 3.14 beta 12 version was checked out and found to be compatible with ibVPN. With TunnelBlick 3.14 beta 12, users’ ibVPN configurations will be detected and it will run smoothly. This can be a pain for some who have already gone through one change to upgrade to Mavericks, but ibVPN has something interesting in store for ibVPN Mac subscribers.

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