IAPS Security and Threat of 750,000 Site Blocks

Internet content regulators Roskomnadzor in Russia are threatening to block foreign ISPs. These select ISPs have apparently failed to remove certain content that the regulators find undesirable. From one block alone, 750,000 sites could soon be inaccessible in Russia.

Current Mood of Internet Censorship

Russian Internet content regulators have been blocking file sharing sites among other content deemed undesirable by their government. They have also requested foreign ISPs to remove more of this content. The foreign ISPs have not responded, and regulators are now saying that they will ban the ISPs altogether. Included are companies that provide security against DDoS attacks, file sharing hosts in Europe, and one American host called CloudFare which carries over 750,000 websites. Others under attack are US services Endurance International, DataShack, Hostnoc, incapsula.com, Infinitie, staminus.net, and stop-ddos.net,; Ukranian Vedekon.ua; France’s OVH; and Romania’s Voxility.

ISPs around the world are also beginning to execute site blocks of their own volition. And with the technology and legal developments, Russian regulators may have the power to block any site they wish without due process. But bugs in these technologies and sweeping blocks of site hosts are bound to anger more than a few Internet users. Thankfully, Russian residents and visitors can still use the secire VPN from IAPS Security to visit any blocked website in the country. By routing their Internet traffic through any number of countries that do not practice censorship, they can easily get to the content they want. The IAPS Security VPN gives them back their freedom of access anytime and from anywhere. So even when visitors leave the country, or residents visit another country that practices censorship, they can use it to regain access to any content.

IAPS Security

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