ExpressVPN Warning Signs of Internet Spying

Internet spying has been going on for many years. Yet some people still don’t know how it is done or how to detect if they are victims of it. Here we talk about a few common Internet spying ricks and give you tips on avoiding them, including using the top VPN service, ExpressVPN.

Internet Spying

Internet spies use the most common platforms to spy on you. If you have a social media account, they will use that to gather information about you. Most people think that no one but their friends and family will be interested in what they post on sites like Facebook. But the truth is that they are very interested because these posts give them great ideas about who you are. Hackers, stalkers, thieves, employers, insurance companies, the government and more all use this data to make profiles of you.

Internet companies are constantly gathering a ton of data about their users. And they most often share this information with other companies and the government. They are constantly coming up with new ways to gather data because this is how they make money. They use cookies and supercookies and especially developed malware that cannot be easily detected or removed. One of the latest is Amazon’s proposal to use drones to deliver packages. Drones have the potential to gather so much data in a limited amount of time. They can take data readings and pictures of everything in their flight path. But still online data gathering is the favorite method because it is so easy to snoop user data online.

Just by opening a website, you are already giving away information about yourself. Your IP address automatically shares your location and it can be used to determine your name, email and phone number too. Then to continue using that website, you will often have to agree to have cookies installed in your computer. You will read about how they use those cookies to improve your experience, but you don’t know that those cookies are actually gathering data about you.

Stop Internet Spying

You can stop these companies and agencies from spying on you y using a personal VPN service like ExpressVPN. The software is so easy to install and use and it protects you from tracking so your data cannot be stolen. You can read more about the features of ExpressVPN and other services by visiting our top VPN providers page.


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