ExpressVPN on NSA’s Bullrun

The NSA is rumored to have a program called Bullrun that can crack any encryption. It is this decryption program that is said to have the ability to hack SSL and other VPN protocols. But ExpressVPN has shared some information to ease the fears of Internet users. ExpressVPN says that encryption still works, and there is not reason to fear that it can no longer protect data.

The Bullrun decryption program exists, but it does not work as well as we may have been led to believe. One proof of this, explains ExpressVPN, is that the NSA would not have needed to push as hard if Bullrun could decrypt anything. First, they would not need backdoors into Google, Yahoo, Apple, and other companies. Second, they would not have to influence the programming of encryption standards to give them the edge when breaking crypto.

Bullrun seems to be able to compromise SSL, but a big part of the NSA’s budget and human resources must go into it to make it function properly. This means that they do not use it unless necessary. With their hold on major internet companies, they already get most of the data they want. The good news is that the NSA isn’t going to pull out Bullrun to investigate average Internet users. VPN services are therefore still very good Internet security tools.

NSA's Bullrun

ExpressVPN further ensures users that their VPNs remain safe. News about hacked hacked and unsafe technologies comes out fast, and the company moves to use alternative, more secure technologies. For instance, AES-256 is used because it is an encryption technology that so far safe according to security experts. ExpressVPN furthermore uses the OpenVPN protocol by default. OpenVPN technology is Open Source, controlled and monitored by a worldwide community. There is no chance of a backdoor to OpenVPN, and little chance that unusual activity would not be immediately noticed, reported and fixed.

Cryptography is still the safest defense against hacking and spying. Go with a VPN provider that offers OpenVPN and higher encryption to secure your data and online activities. For more information on different VPN providers, visit this page. You can browse package details on many VPN providers from there, and find also the links to their websites so you can check privacy and security standards, and more.

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